Travel Collection – 3 in Sri Racha

How i learnt about Sri Racha was back in 2007, i was still learning the rope of the photography industry, more interested in the commercial aspect. I was asked to assist a photographer who is going to have an assignment in Thailand. It was my first time going to Thailand, was very excited about it at that point of time. Later i learnt we were going to Sri Racha to work for a few days. Where the hell is that??? That was then my first intro to the subdistrict town in the eastern part of the country.

Many years later, back in 2011 (has it been so long already). I travelled back to the less crowded town to pay a visit to my local friend. I took the opportunity to wander around as a tourist, more chill not too focus on making pictures. I did later transformed into a photographer mode and start my ‘hunt’.

Portrait of a local kid

Portrait of a local boy

Portrait of a young girl

Even thought my three subjects are children, i still treat them with respectful manner, more funky approach as well. Bear in mind good manner will influence others to be courteous and polite as well.

I approached each of them with a friendly smile, and with my fascinating broken Thai language, hand gesture was more universal at that point of time. Trying to engage with the kid for a while before i try to take pictures. I usually visualise how i want the picture to turn out, rather than pondering about how to compose the picture. Because i am not in a controlled environment, i never know what is going to happen next, the kid can suddenly dash off , or the parent calling for them. Is better for me to do it asap than been draggy, if the child still hang around, i can continue to take more pictures.

One tips to get their smile, is  to show the children their pictures on the LCD screen, they love it, their smile will appear if they did not smile initially. This method never goes wrong for me so far. Once that smile break open, quickly capture more pictures while they are smiling from the heart. You got yourself some great pictures.

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Looking back at Asia 2011 travel photography images

I hope everyone have a blasting good year in 2011. First looking back at the important news in 2011. With the European economic still glooming in dark clouds, the nuclear disaster in Fukushima taking time to recover, water disaster that nearly drown Thailand, the future outlook of North Korean remains unknown, and many more heartening issues that concern the world.

Frankly, 2011 wasn’t a fantastic year for me. While many people around the world are living in hardship environment. Comparing with them, to be absolute humble. I’ll am slightly blessed to embark on travel photography trips and decent jobs that comes along to sustained my living. The other day i was joking with my friend that i might be the poorest photographer in Asia.

Here are mine 11 of favorite images of my Southeast Asia travel pictures.

The most beautiful sunset i have seen in Ho Chi Minh City

I love to shoot cityscape, hovering in a helicopter to shoot amazing pictures. In the meantime i will conquer whatever skyscraper that comes.

I love to try food that is cooked in a different way. In Sagion, how about prawn dip in coconut juice, the taste is absolutely splendid.

Is a competitive world out there, especially selling the same stuffs on the same street.

West Lake in Hanoi, a serene destination to visit.

Having a cup of hot tea to keep me warm in chilling Hanoi.

In the province of Ayutthaya, Thailand. Visit the UNESCO site of Wat Mahathat to vision the Buddha’s head wrap in Bodi tree.

Wat Phra Si Sanphet, this venue was affected with terrible flood. After intensive cleaning it is open to tourist for visit.

Ko Sichang is a popular destination island for the local to visit and relax.

A dog either sleeping or enjoying the sun on the island of Ko Sichang, i love the simplicity of the composition.

I love to shoot pictures related to Buddhism. I hope my readers will be blessed with good health and happiness for 2012.