Architectural Photography of Marina Bay Suites in Singapore

Marina Bay Suites

Today i am going to share pictures of the Marina Bay Suites that was developed by Keppel Land, Cheung Kong Holdings and Hongkong Land. Singapore is simply filled up with plenty of luxury condominiums.

This architecture has a height of 227 meters and 66 floors. Making this one of the highest building in the republic. This is a rare residential located in a prime area. I can’t think of another better words to describe except this building gives the ultra-luxury visual!

The architect is by Kohn Pedersen Fox firm.



I was able to circle around Marina Bay Suites easily while taking the photos. I always try to do it when the sky is in saturated blue and the lighting is in the right direction i need to show the best side of the facade properly.

There was a challenge in case you wonder? The first two pictures were quite difficult to capture the entire height into the camera even using the widest 17mm tilt-shift lens available in the market. I was standing at a far distance than i normally would, but the scale of the building is simply massive and amazing! On the ground, requires me to make a lot of micro adjustment in my position to get the picture correctly. The tip of the building was so narrowly almost cut off from my framing.

The last picture was captured in the morning. It looks a bit desaturated due to the weather condition. I would have given this scene a miss, but somehow i like the feel of it, is not giving out a very powerful, massive aura. But the scene was softer and relax which is why i decided to keep this picture.

You can click on this link to see the high res of Marina Bay Suites or feel free to check out my photo site for more pictures!

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Architectural Photography of One Shenton Way

One Shenton Way

A 99-years leasehold real estate redevelopment project. Located along Shenton way in the Tanjong Pagar area. This architecture consists of dual towers luxury residence that consists of 341 apartments, the tallest of which reaches up 50 stories! Completed in 2011, it is notable for its two-tower construction. Two sides of each tower are clad in gold and two sides in blue glass panels. The first floor is retail space and includes bar, cafe, and restaurants.

The two exquisite towers rise 50 and 43 floors above an elegant podium. Atop the towers stand magnificent glass and metal sculptures – a dramatic addition to the city skyline. Wish i can go up to check out that magnificent cityscape view.


Due to the congestion of the space in the surrounding. It is challenging to capturing this building from various angles which i normally do. Another difficulty is not having an access point to the nearby taller commercial buildings for the picture. Hence is always 2 feet on the low ground and finding the possible angles available. The first and third picture was in a similar angle but in the different distance, the environment can be seen in a different point of view too. But the focus point must be the One Shenton Way architectural.

If you are interested to try on architecture photography, take your time to observe the building. ‘Communicate’ with the building to build a connection. The good thing about taking pictures nowadays is a very simple task, with a click on your camera or mobile phone. An auto mode setting – the aperture, shutter speed and ISO will make a good exposure for you. The key is to “visualize” how you like your picture to be. Photography is a pretty much self-expressive art. Is not necessary to be a commercial aspect for client’s demand.

You can click on this link to see the high res of One Shenton Way, and please help me to check out my photography website for more pictures!

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Corporate Storytelling Pictures

I almost forgot to share an industrial corporate environment i did a few months ago.

I was tasked by an overseas company to create images for a company based in Singapore. From my understanding, the local company was bought over by an overseas company, so the designated agency requires me to create some new pictures. Spare you the boring business details. Am going ahead sharing the images and explain each in detail.

Is quite rare to see an orange colour wall in the background. I like how the poster was neatly placed. I decided to place a staff right there to show her using the phone while looking into my camera. Also taking note the overall colour scheme is quite pleasing to the eye when you look at this picture, the focus point is straight on the staff. I deliberately include the corner of the laptop as a foreground to add in more depth.


Using a 16-35mm lens, the focus was the people in a positive discussion about the products. Items such as catalogue,, writing materials, pen, notebook were placed on the table to reflect how an actual meeting looks like, but i try not to make it clutter as well on the table. The background has a nice shelf that is placed with some company products, i had swapped some items to make it look better.


During a photo session. I will always give clear and specific instruction to the staff what to do. Normally, the selected staff got zero experience of being a ‘model’. With the proper guidance and instruction for my inexperience subjects. It is my job to make all of them looks naturally good on camera.


Another angle to use, i am capturing this scene from outside the office lobby through the window. Is like a passerby caught the scene of people inside a meeting room in the meeting. I deliberately include the sticker in the foreground as well so the focus point will be the people inside.


Arranged two staffs to stand at the office entrance to act a scene between customer and salesman talking about the product. i deliberately compose this way as i find it a very good balance. First, on the left are two persons presenting a product introduction, the background also has a nice shelf to house all the products. Next, on the right is the company logo with their tagline and corporate colour scheme in orange.


I did another close up of the 2 persons in conversation, with the shelf directly in the background. I just realised even the helmet right on the top of the shelf is so neatly placed.


Gather 3 staffs to do a group discussion looking at the computer. In the final picture, i personally like to see the three staffs smiling looking into the camera. The office staffs had previously kept the office neat for the photo shoot on the next day. This will actually accelerate the process instead of doing the arrangement on the shoot day. Because much time will be wasted too.


I like the row of the red cabinet that was placed at the corner of the office. There was a board on the wall that was pin-up with images of the company event.  This picture may look like a candid shot, but after taking a few pictures of both men standing there looking at the magazine, u decided to make some position adjustment to see their faces.


The client’s brief wanted the overall feel to look as natural as possible. So my method was to hook up the flashlight on the camera, adjust the head of the flashlight in various position to bounce the light onto the ceiling or other direction, depends on the type of effect i want, Another way is to make use of the ambient light with a slightly higher ISO.

The whole shoot i did it without any assistant because i think is manageable after having a very detail discussion with the director of the company. The entire photo session was a very positive experience for the client and myself. The agency that engaged me was satisfied with the pictures too.

Hope you like what i wrote today. Feel free to check out more of my Corporate Storytelling images.

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Architecture Photography of Ng Teng Fong General Hospital In Singapore

Singapore is becoming a nation of an aging population, with the insane amount of people crammed in this island. It is not surprising that medical needs are on the high – a bigger hospital and more beds are required. Various hospital in different parts of the country to serve the rising medical demand and assisting urgent medical cases as soon as possible is decisive.

(Click on all the images to see high res)

Ng Teng Fong General Hospital is named after a man’s name. Mr. Ng Teng Fong was a real estate tycoon. He had a major business presence in Singapore and Hong Kong. He was reported to be the richest man in the country in 2010 in the same year he passed away. His family donated $125 million in 2011 to a build a hospital in the western part of Singapore, the very first.

Best light when the sun was in the eastern direction

The hospital is designed by an Australia architect company, Studio 505. This was their first Southeast Asia project. Honestly, i am very impressed by the design. During one of the construction phase in 2014, most people including myself thought it was another typical luxury condominium in the area. But later, when the architecture was better developed, i realized it was actually a hospital!

This was the view when i first saw during the construction phase, with the protruding shape like a balcony, is no wonder even i was misled. 

In early 2016, i decided to make an architecture series of Ng Teng Fong General Hospital after its completion months later. Singapore has been well-known as a green city, i observed the overall environment was incorporated with greenery around the facility.

Looks like an urban forest hospital

Studio 505 aim was to implement an improved typical ward layout and create a radical new design, enhancing the hospital experience for patients and staff, with ‘patient-centeredness’ at the very heart of the design.

The hospital is easily accessible from the nearest MRT station, through the malls and link bridges are sheltered throughout

My personal thoughts regarding this “aim”. The design for a hospital is not the most important factor. From a business perspective to the firm. The aim is also a submission to the government or whoever to buy their design idea and ultimately engaging the service. Nothing wrong with that. We all have to respect that effort.

In my next perspective, a hospital primarily must have an excellent team of highly qualified doctors and nurses is utmost important. The design and technology of the facilities then follow. In real life i guess is the other way round?

I also wonder has any architect firm gather feedback from professionals such as doctors, nurses, IT support personnel of how an ideal hospital should be like? Because these are the people who are always on the ground managing emergency situation, caring for patients for 24hrs, 365 days.

A statue of Mr. Ng Teng Fong in the interior. I like the bright orange color and how it was designed. But, to have seats protruding up is it even necessary to seat on inside a hospital? Considering people who go to the hospital are patients and old folk, i think this design is not meant to be there.

Overall i did enjoy myself capturing these set of images. Unfortunately is not for work, if not would be better. I hope you like the images, do check out my Ng Teng Fong General Hospital photo gallery for more pictures. Do help me to click on the Facebook button on the right side of my gallery and picture if you wish to share.

In case you are wondering what am i using? I am using a Canon 5D Mk III and a fix 17mm tilt-shift lens for perspective control. I also had to spend additional time walking around the hospital to have a better understanding of the architecture design, the possible angles, how the lighting was at various timings and practicing pre-visualization. I waited for the best day to catch the blue sky at its almost perfect blue hue. Overall, it may seem like a very tedious and prolong time to do it, but i only wanted the best in my creation.

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Architecture Photography of DUO in Singapore

For many years i have been witnessing this DUO building working it way up to the skyline in Singapore. One particular sight i can clearly remember was seeing the construction workers assembling the tower crane in mid air on a scorching day, i was feeling the sweat and intense heat with them even i was standing under the shelter.

DUO consists of DUO Residences and DUO Tower. The entire building is like a partially commercial bee hive – with the individual honeycomb shape facade in place. The architecture design looks unconventional to me.

Hope you enjoy the pictures below.

When the night fall, the entire building is lighted up, glamouring itself with a glazing effect. It gives a different feel to the surrounding but i wouldn’t say is outstanding or attractive either. Over time it will simply blend in with other nearby high rises buildings.

Before the construction of DUO on 2012. This space used to be an empty spacious green field. Sometimes on the weekend, i can see a small group of people playing football. I enjoy walking past there when i was taking pictures of the street. Singapore’s land is considered extremely scarce. Every inch of land is just waiting to be redeveloped for either commercial or public purpose.

On the side note, i feel there is a lack of rooftop accessibility for the public. I got no idea for whatever reason why there are not many in Singapore despite so many high rises buildings. Personally, i love going up to skyscraper to enjoy the city view in other countries, i would pay money for it despite the high entrance fee, skyscraper i have visited like the Taipei 101 and Shanghai Tower offer a very generous view of the city surrounding. In Singapore, Marina Bay Sands and 1-Altitude is the only place i know in the city that offers an aerial view – both require an entrance fee. Another place is Orchard ION but the place is currently under construction till Oct 2017, although is free but is open for certain hours.

If you are interested to read more about DUO, check out Archdaily for a more technical explanation. You can also head over to my gallery too.

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Stunning Sunset in Singapore

This beautiful blast of sunset happens on 22 Aug 2017.

Is been a while since i make pictures in the evening, i told myself i got to do this once a week. But i was busy with other important matter. Anyway, i went up to one of the high blocks i know of on the 38th storey. I wanted to create more pictures facing south, from the corner of the block before it is covered off by a metal shade to block the specular view of the city. I already knew the sky is heavily cloudy, but this is the last chance to do it and i got to give it a go without having regrets later. Unfortunately, i did not get a single image i like due to the construction of the shade, and also the bad weather. But..

Earlier on as i was preparing my tripod, the western part of Singapore caught my eye from a limited sight of view. The sky, seems to be in burning in flame. It was an absolute stunner (reminds me of Stone Cold Steve Austin). The sky hue is deeply saturated as the sunset was in progress. I knew i can get a full view of the sunset on the other block down the road. but that would be another 8-10 mins walk and preparation, that magical moment would be long gone by then. I know i can’t take that risk to rush out and head to another block. I think hard what can i do? I recalled the corner of this block i may see more of the landscape. I quickly charged down to the other end, pushed opened the door, double steps down the stairs and set up everything in a fumble.


Quick chimp

Adjust composition


And so on…

I think i got the most stunning view of the sunset in Singapore. 

I thought, “while the Americans were thrilled over the recent eclipse. I am in another part of the world to witness another miracle.” I still wish i was on the other block, but i can’t complain. It is meant to happen this way.

This was the spot i placed my tripod, the block in the center of the picture was the better location, but i can’t risk it because i am sure i won’t be able to make it in time. Unless i am a Spider-man.

Coincidentally 22nd Aug 2017 marks the beginning of the seventh month in the lunar calendar. In Chinese tradition, the beginning of the Ghost Festival for a month, the hell gate is open, ghosts or spirits came out from the lower realm to visit the living. This is a traditional Buddhist and Taoist festival held in Asian countries.

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Skyville at Dawson

Skyville@Dawson is another one of the more interesting public estate in Singapore. Designed by WOHA, a Singapore award winning architecture firm.

This estate caught my eye for several reasons. First, I love the zig-zag looking design which is different from the typical estates for many decades in Singapore. Second, this is 46-storey testate that connects laterally with sky bridges, offering a continuous “luxury” panoramic view as i stroll around. I love heights, the higher it is, the more breathtaking the view is.

Check out these set of pictures series i have taken in 2016. I also took part in a photo competition organized by WOHA on Instagram and managed to win some of the categories.

Each picture has a meaning and also focus on the design and functionality. Hope you are able to see the meaning in my picture.

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Dear reader,

This is what I think now. Experience in photography doesn’t sell at all.

I believe am the best in creating commercially valued photographs. Today and the future, i only want to make picture with all my heart and soul in it. I want to provide the best photographs for my entire client, nothing less. Telling potential client I have more than 10 years of experience. Some people will still doubt my credibility.

Honestly, i think I am the best photographer in this business. If not I am wasting precious time, passion and commitment in the wrong business.

Today. All photographers are very good; many photographers are competing for one job. I looked at Instagram, I know student photographers are very talented, i can’t compete against them because they do jobs for free to get a portfolio. These kids are probably more creative than you and I.

This is what i think, the number of years taking pictures does not matter anymore. Someone will always be better. This doesn’t mean you should lose faith.

The journey to be a successful photographer is to know how to brand your business, market your name, hustle really hard for what you want to specialize in. Aim to be the number ONE in the field you are strongly passionate about.

Get your new client to write a business testimonials after a job is completed. Make sure you did well, give them more than they asked for if possible.

Offer picture solution, not creating problem

Clients won’t like a photographer to give problem when they got other problems on hand. A professional photographer is hired to give the client picture solution.

Be super proactive

When there is a doubt; check back, clarify, ask a question. Never assume anything.

Unleash your photography skill

You have spent several years practicing photography, sharpening your visual. Unlease all the skill you have mastered, no need to hide secret photography skill. Because the internet leaks all secret.

Be your own self

I am always friendly with people. I make sure people are comfortable in front of my camera. I am very easy to chat with. I always want to be cheerful and a fun person when am working. Because i am doing what i love and passionate about.

Care for your client’s job

By doing a fantastic photography job, not only your client will like your service. Your client can also impress his boss because your client did his job well. Is a win win for everyone.

By having testimonials will squash all doubters. I don’t want to waste time to do much explanation of what i can do. My outstanding portfolio and testimonial say it all about me and my business.

Wish everyone a great weekend.

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Writing a photography blog

Dear reader,

After blogging a bit more consistently for a few months. I realize blogging is not an easy work when getting serious about it. I need to spend at least 2-3 hours to finish a post, usually with less than 1000 words. My blog is mainly about my Singapore company photography service, sharing the process of the commercial photography aspect, my personal thoughts on photography, storytelling of pictures, travel photography in Asia etc.

We blog for a various reason. Sharing useful contents, updating information, documenting a personal diary or posting visual art for the cyber world readers. The positive thing about blogging is we are not restricted to write a whole range of topic of anything in this world, there is no limit at all. As long the blog post is useful and helpful to anyone who is searching for any specific blog to read and discover.

I realize one of the benefits of blogging allows me to develop my sentence structure and grammar, develop my own style of writing. I also rather write the key points than going about a long boring story. I am pretty bad at writing all these years. Rather than seeing it as an obstacle, i see blogging as an opportunity to improve my language skill. Is important to put me constantly in the learning process. If we stop growing, life would be dull.

Good news! Blogging makes me think a bit smarter, write with a purpose in mind. I aim to be the most searchable commercial photographer on the internet. I got no idea when can that happen, but i know if i keep blogging good contents. I can achieve my goal one day. If you have any advice about improving my blogging skill and ranking, please let me know.

In the long run through blogging. Not only i want to achieve my ranking goal on the internet. I also want to empower more hobbyist to improve their interest in photography – such as offering photography tips and advice to improve their skill. Photography is a skill that requires many years of experience to be really good at it, constant feedback is needed for improvement. I would encourage you to drop me a message to check out your work.

Thanks for reading!


Photography project for your weekend

Are you running out of idea for what kind picture to take over the weekend? Or not quite clear what theme or subjects to work on?

Especially if you are new to photography, it will be quite a mess to shoot anything and everything with a clear goal. Photography is not about shooting everything in your path. Photography is about making pictures that has meaning to you, mapping a memory, or creating wonderful art and so on.

So, if you have run out of idea, here i am going to suggest to you a theme for you to work on. At least you can be focus in a theme i am going to share with you. Ready?

Photograph Red colour.

Anything, that is related to red color, capture it.

Red been a bright, outstanding color that can be easily differentiated from the environment. Very enticing, easy to spot.

It doesn’t matter what type of medium you are using. If you don’t have a DSLR, use a camera phone, if you have an old compact camera – by all mean take it out and use it (make sure you full charge your battery). If you have the love for film, you can try using a different type of film grade to shoot red colour.

Some pre-visualize scenes i had in mind for you to photograph for the weekend.

people on the streets wearing red clothes
a red umbrella opens up
a red chili or tomatoes
a red traffic light
a red signboard
red door/wall

Imagine all the unlimited possibilities you can discover, the excitement to go out and seek new pictures may leads to something even better.

This is a technique to train your eye to spot a specific subject out there. Over time you will be able to see the surrounding differently from other people.

Sharing some pictures example below, these are some of the images i have captured in work and travel. See the endless possibility!

If you want to be more inspired. Browse through my photography website to find more of my red colour images. Is also a part of training too. ;}

Wish your a really amazing weekend. I look forward to see your pictures.

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