My unnoticeable photography projects

Because i love photography
I work on an idea that came to my mind
I use pictures to share my thoughts and imagination
This is my own unique visual art

I am grateful to receive my first publicity through Archdaily and other sources. Hidden Door was a 2 years photo project exploring the back lane in Singapore. Someone from France wanted to buy the above print after the news spread. But he said my price was too steep, giving me an art print lecture over the email. I still dream of having my Hidden Door exhibition in the local museum. An art work that local people able to relate. I never enjoy art that is too abstract or too deep of a meaning that is too profound to understand.

Illumination was my first series photo project. I remembered a friend was pointing his camera on a lighting display or ceiling light whatever you call it. The idea set me off to a series of exploration of interesting lighting design around Singapore. I still remember i was using a Canon 20D and later a 5D to document all these pictures. I suffered a neck sore for looking up for a prolonged period.

Singapore Public Art Sculpture was about seeing how the sculptures co exist with the environment. Moving around the city area to find interesting sculptures.

These Chinese Guardian Lions or stone lions were believed to have powerful mythic protective benefits. It is usually station at the entrance of a place or entrance to a building. Give you any chill?

I had this imagination of living in a day without vehicles. We breathe in clean and fresh air wherever we go. In 2016, one of the government board allows me to display my work in their public event. I was excited to make my own prints to bring it for my first exhibition. I never said it before, my first time was a horrible experience as the prints fell flat on the wet ground, my heart was immediately broken. Then the Minister (VIP) came by to visit with his entourage, his first comment was:”Wa this looks like a ghost town”.

*roll eyes*

1% inspired by Stephen Wilkes “Day to night”. An idea struck me how does it look like with train running on each track. I name it Trainscape.

Wonder Full is a project from 2015 to June 2017. Capturing the laser show of the famous Marina Bay Sands. I got to stop the project because the Wonder Full light show has come to a halt.

I reflect on my photography style after 11 years
I love taking on long-term photography project
I can be live patiently with photography
These pictures are my children


Serial Photography

Last week i was doing my research and browsing some excellent photo books in national library. I came across a book by Harold Mante, title Serial Photography. The book cover has a series of cars covered with cover against various interesting background. I thought that was really interesting, so i pick it up to study it. Immediately i realized it was similar to some of my past projects i did before!

What is serial photography? Serial photography is shooting a collective amount of similar designated subject with different environment setting, colors and lighting. A long process which is a great way to train your eyes to observe particular interesting subject to focus at. What you focus on is what you going to get.

One can shoot a serial of photographs for example – window, signboard, sky, everyday scene from a fixed spot at a fixed timing, monthly self portrait for years etc. Get the drift, it could be anything that is within your creative mind, is a boundless flow of process to work on.

Let me share with you a project i documented in Singapore for 2 years, i name it Hidden Door Is a series of colorful and vibrant images in the back street of shop houses around the country. Wandering and exploring is fun for me, especially the back street of shophouses in Singapore, where not many locals would want to venture into, less the tourists. I used to call it “series of images” rather than “Serial” until Harold Mante name it as “Serial Photography”.

Below is another series of serial photography i do in Singapore when i first started doing documentation around Singapore, I was attracted by the distinct design of bulb fusion with various element to beautify it. At the same time creating a light source to light up the frontage or act as a guiding path to walk safely in the dim. No one hardly look up, one day i looked up, and the rest is history. Hence the name of project is Illumination.

For starters who got no general idea of what to shoot. Perhaps you can consider serial photography. Hope you like it.