Travel Collection – 4 in Nepal


When i was doing my travel photography at Kathmandu, Nepal. “Namaste” was the only nepalese language i spoke of in the entire trip. Is a respectful greeting to the local people.

According to Wikipedia.

Namaste means “I bow to the divine in you“. Namaste is usually spoken with a slight bow and hands pressed together, palms touching and fingers pointing upwards, thumbs close to the chest. This gesture is called Añjali Mudrā or Pranamasana. *fascinating*

Capture this picture using a 24-70 lens. Wanted a out of focus background, aperture set to F/3.5, shutter speed running at 1/1600. The morning light was rather heart warming than alluring in the capital. Life in Nepal seems less unsophisticated to me, travelling in a city there feels rural yet, basic modern accessibility is in place.

I spotted this man during my morning walk, the temperature was still chilling. I stopped, observed him. He was selling some products on the street to make a living. I approached him. Said:”Namaste”, hand gesture for picture. He agreed.

“click click”

Share with him the picture, smile.

I capture this picture because of the difficult situation he is in. Been alone in the street trying to make a living can be challenging due to the weather condition, no shelter for him unlike retail shop. His wrinkled face showed how difficult life can be, rather than aging. Or a rather true story of life in Kathmandu.

Yet, he never forcefully try to sell me his product.

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Shooting personality on the ground without any prep

Adhoc challenge, client ask:”Ricky we need a portrait picture of her, can you help?”

Such last minute usually picks my brain, experience starts to kick in. However my gears were prep for covering the client’s event. At that moment i would love to have a 50mm with me because of the wide aperture to shoot indoor. I usually open it up to F/2 for portrait shoot.

So, this lady am requested to photograph. By the name of Nani Marquina, Founder of Avant-Garde spanish rug designer. Her company name, NaniMarquina . The rug product was awesomely appealing, lay the right designer’s rug across the floor and your entire house can sell for extra few thousands dollar. *self-thought*

Nani was friendly, yet at the time speaking to her. I knew her mind was busy with something else. She was polite at her reply, soft spoken, understand a bit of English. Is my first time shooting a Spanish, nationality don’t bother me. My job is to get a good photo. My time was limited, as usual.

Took many frames, directed her in different positions, observing where the light coming from, should i used a flash to bounce light off elsewhere. Too many technical adjustment but so little time. Still, i managed to pull it off.

As you see in the picture below, my final shot was to get her to sit on the rug she had designed. Her dressing was stylish as well, i love the shoes she’s wore. Her constant wide smile was loving my lens. Her personality already make half of my job done.

Enjoy this picture of Nani Marquina.

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Project – A Day Without Vehicle

Road transportation is one of the biggest form of pollution in the world. Hence contributing to poor air condition, change of climate, noise pollution, daily congestion and sometimes, even hazard to the pedestrians.

Let me share some vehicles pollution facts.

– Car produce carbon monoxide that will pollute the air, water and land.

– China and United States produce close to half of the world’s carbon dioxide.

– Damage of ozone layer is caused by the vehicles traveling on road.

– The air particles within a hundred yards or on big streets are filled with harmful particles that affect the health.

I have traveled to quite a number of countries in Southeast Asia, witnessing the continuous hectic traffic in some of the metropolitan city. Starting from the peak period in the morning extend till night. The dust and noise cause humidness and stickness that affect our body.

The objective of these images, which is also a vision, one day. The world would have a non-driving day impose by the government. A day of noise free, cleaner air for us to take in.

It took me about a year to complete the whole project. I looked out for various location that suits my vision of this project. Roads/expressways that are daily swarming with vehicles, yet with the additional greenery surrounding it. I digitally removed the vehicles for the final effect i wanted.

Am not against the driving of car, it is a form of luxury and easy mode of transportation from one place to another. I hope the world would move quickly into electric cars, hybrid cars. By selecting a greener vehicle, you can make a different for our mother earth.