Pondering My Photography Style?

I was doing my routine run a few nights ago. A question that i was always pondering of: “What is my photography style?” The answer suddenly came to my mind.

I have discovered the answer to my personal photography artwork style. That night as i  was in a forested environment, the weather was almost an autumn temperature, the air was in an absolute freshness after a heavy downpour, the park was almost quiet. The answer i long searching for suddenly came to my mind.

I am squeezing time from the past and present into a single frame. 

Squeezing time from the past and present into a single frame! Honestly, that sounds like an amazing super power isn’t it? To tell my art – First, i am always capturing multiple frames and merge it into a single picture. Second, carefully selecting a scene to produce a long exposure method. Third, taking a picture with a vision of history and the present moment.

(A day without vehicles)



 (Wonder Full)

Now i think about it, throughout the years, nobody shares with me about what they like about my personal work. As for commercial work, i always ask feedback from the client. It was the usual reply, “Yes this looks great/fantastic/wonderful… bla bla bla.” That is fine because i am providing a service to your business who need to use my expertise knowledge or experience in photography to make high-quality images for their business. If the client is happy, i am happy. Always try to put me in their shoes to meet the expectation required.

Love photography
I do it because i love it, i have the passion in it. I created a picture from scratch is not because of the market demand or popularity. I created a picture through my own ideas and imagination. I want to be inspired by other great photographer’s work, check out their work too.

Find your own style
My answer to you is to keep making more pictures, create more personal projects, read up more books from those great master photographers without restricting any genre. Continuously reflect on your personal work, belief in your art, don’t be bothered whether people like it or not. Most importantly, you must enjoy the process and the final outcome. I believe your answer to your own style will eventually come.

Check out the master’s work
If you are into architecture and interior, check out Julius Shulman impressive visual. If you love street photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson is a must to understand his insight world. If you are into landscape photography, study Ansel Adam in-depth knowledge of making a landscape picture timeless.

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