Tree House Residents Condominium

2 weeks back, i decided to make a detour and had a long walk over to Tree House Residents to do aerial and architecture photography. This is one very special condominium in the western part of Singapore that truly captivates me. As the world is sounding out for the care of the environment. The architects can do their part by designing building with an environmental substainability in mind.

Below images series, you can witness the lush view of the vertical sky garden, more than just a structure to live into. We all should know that having greenery in the living space will reduce carbon footprint, by filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide in the air we breathe. Not only that, greenwalls can decrease the temperature by 3 to 7 degree celcius, especially Singapore is a tropical climate all year round, the function of greenwalls is much needed. Typically for most housing in Singapore, blank walls will trap heat. Hence you can see there is plants along the coridoors in the estate.

Talking about saving money in your wallet, it has energy saving of 15%-30% for the 48 west facing master bedroom that are insulated by the vertica greenery, how cool is that!

This award winning residences also won many top awards even before completion, also deem as the world’s largest vertical garden as well in the Guinness World Record book.

Ironically, nature give us so much, yet we have taken so much without return. That is why tree planting is also very important, this must be practice throughout the existence of mankind.


Completed Architecture Project

Was hired by a local architect firm to document the completion of a high rise condominium in the eastern part of Singapore. The property has a 99-year leasehold.

About this project is quite a different way of working. I didn’t met a single person from the architect’s firm. Discussion were done through 3 channels – phone call, email, and Whatsapp. Is a little bit disappointing as i like to meet people and make friends. Still, it can be done.

As usual i did my preliminary scouting of the location after i learn about the venue, i didn’t even know will i even get the job? I think is good to have an idea how does the structure looks like thanks to my curiosity and excitement. Luckily the confirmation was sorted out quickly and arranged for a date.

The client did not give me any specific brief, particular detail or must have angle for their design. However the staff i spoke with told me his boss like the pictures i capture for his other award winning project at Jurong. The good news is i am able to shoot freely in my own style, which is awesome. That doesn’t mean half the weight is off the shoulder, because i wouldn’t understand what the client actually want in mind, unless keeping an open mind. But if they have the trust in me, i can do it. I always give my hundred and one.

If you were to ask me what is the main worry or concern i had for my outdoor assignement, my answer is the weather. Here in Singapore is always cloudy, especially in 2018 from my observation, during the week of the shoot date it was cloudy throughout! I wished the sky was in deep hue blue, unfortunately i need to fine tune my shooting style and angle to avoid the white sky.

This was taken during the first recce, nice blue sky in the back. On the actual day of shoot the sky was basically quite flat. For me capturing pictures during recce is important when the lighting is outstanding.

This was captured early morning on the shoot day. The only day i can have full unrestricted access to the entire property before the residents is eager to move in. The sky wasn’t the most blue to my liking.

Swimming pool and facility

Sky patio for the residents, the drawng point for me was to be able to see the entire city view, this means firework!

Leaning forward to get one of the sky terrace from bird’s eye view, personal safety is always in mind.

Sky terrace design

My favorite part of the day is the magic hour when the only time the sky turns blue.

Overall i have submitted over hundred images, i selected some of the best pictures for my portfolio. Do check out the entire series on my website.

South Beach Singapore

Sharing 3 new pictures i liked a lot recently of South Beach, Singapore. Design by Foster+Partners. I’ve occasionally captured this building from 2016, much early years i also witnessed the initial construction phrase as well. I can’t believe time keep flying..

Stitching 2 images to create a vertical panorama of the JW Marriott Hotel and the residential. Looking forward to see the building flourish in more green down the years, the idea of ‘city in the garden’ is a signature style in Singapore.

From a higher perspective, the canopy’s ribbons of steel and aluminium louvres flex above the primary circulation routes and public spaces and dip near the edges to meet the Beach Road surrounding buildings. I particularly love the golden/yellow colour, gives me a feeling of richness and stylish look.

The centre building (north tower) is made up of offices and the building on the right (South tower) is divided between hotel and residential. The block on the left is a commercial building consist of offices and retails.

This is a non commission work. Architecture service is available as well for developer, architect, construction, lighting and engineering company. Able to travel around Asia countries for project, fluent in English and Chinese too.

Email: or through my webpage

Architectural Photography of South Beach in Singapore

I love the fun and challenge of capturing a skyscraper. Why i love it is because i enjoy the process of seeking various interesting angles that most people don’t see it, along with  good lighting at specific timing. If am lucky,  a random or unplanned timing can achieve quite a surprising result. I also enjoy the final output from the camera to see the building in perspective rather than distortion. I am using a very expensive lenses from Canon to  achieve the type of output needed for professional work.

South Beach is a is a commercial and residential complex located on Beach Road in the Downtown Core of Singapore. It is composed of a 5 star JW Marriott hotel, multiple offices for international companies, shops and residences for the super wealthy.

Going to share with you three of my favourite angles captured from 2016 to 2018. I always love exploring around and prefer to have the best blue sky available whenever is possible.

Front view from the ground of the South Beach commercial building

Captured from an elevated view of the JW Marriott Hotel and residential complex

A landscape view of South Beach surrounded by various architectures

I am still working on more angles which depends on the lighting and my time availability, there are ample possibilities to make more wonderful architecture pictures of South Beach in Singapore. You can also check out more of my South Beach Architectural gallery

Kallang Riverside Condominium

Was scouting for an upcoming project and came across a 30 storey mixed use condominium standing alone in the vast plot. I recall i used to capture this space from another location when the tower cranes were set up.

Fast forward, the condominium located at Kampong Bugis is almost complete!

So i made the effort to trek into this vast plot and do what i love to do, to photograph tall building!

Here are some images of the new condominium from one of the side on the ground. Outside the condo surrounding below, you can see below there is landscaping work in progress, this will be a fenceless design to encourage residents to go to the park easily and back home.

One of my favourite style in architecture photography is to get that starburst effect. No photoshop effect is required.

Cloud started to hover on the sky to portray a more dynamic effect

Through years of exploring on this little island, i went to a spot i knew to capture  a more specular view, unfortunately the sky was turning grey and the clouds above kept hovering across the sun to block out the light. Waiting time was about 30 mins before the glorious light shone up this beautiful condo again.

The view on the right side of the condo seems like a spectacular, residents can easily walk to the stadium for sports event and concert

(I guess) residents can enjoy the 360 degree view from the top 

Kallang Riverside condominium is design by ID Architects


J Gateway architecture series

Non commission architecture series of J Gateway. A high rise residential building located near to Jurong East MRT.

For more other architectural images


Shophouse Photography

Was on assignment for a Fortune 500 firm that specializes in real estate in Singapore. The firm require professional pictures to put up the property for sales on the market.

This was the first time doing exterior and interior photography of a shophouse. Is really fun to take on something new and learn plenty.

Showcasing the interior space

View from outside the window

Top floor



For more pictures in archive

Hiring Real Estate Photographer in Singapore

Many times on online property platform, I’ve seen various agents posting pictures of the property units they are selling. However, i can’t help to see there is so much room to improve for the pictures they had posted up.

From what i observe, most property agents utilized their own camera or a mobile phone to snap some “nice” pictures and post it up. Hope an interested buyer would be interested when saw the pictures and contact the agent for viewing. From a photographer’s perspective, many things were wrong in the picture. For example, the white balance usually is quite warm or yellowish in color, the perspective of the room or exterior is distorted, the exterior view is magnificent but the picture doesn’t justify the value of it.

The picture may not necessarily play the biggest role because buyers are also reviewing the cost, the location, size of the apartment, their own needs and other areas of concern. But, the first sight of view people see are the interior and exterior of the property pictures when shopping around online first. A good picture is to attract the potential buyer attention, so that first impression count is very important. Then the agent will introduce the property, negotiation and close the sales.

Having good pictures done up by real estate photographer will certainly accelerate the chance of potential buyers coming in to view. I said “accelerate the chance”, not closing the sales after posting of pictures. The picture is part of the agent’s marketing tool to generate interest and perhaps to close the sales at a faster rate.

Below, i have downloaded a few pictures for you to compare of property images did by the agent and the ones that were captured by a real estate photographer. See the difference?




Putting myself in the shoes of a buyer, of course, i would like to see how the property looks like on the picture. A good picture will create that first positive impression and i would quickly contact the agent for viewing before someone snatched it.

We are not perfect, we can’t do everything, we can never be a specialist for everything. By hiring a real estate photographer to get your problem to solve is the best manner, in the meantime, the property agent can focus on their marketing strategy, contact buyers who may be interested. Once the pictures are ready is ready for launch.

At Capture Asia Photography, you can hire a professional photographer who specializes in interior and architecture photography. From half a day to full day. If you don’t need half a day but only a few pictures we are able to help according to your needs. Turn over time is 3 days after the photo shoot is done.

Feel free to contact us so we can assist you in what we love to do.

Singapore Skyscraper Architecture

Despite been a really small nation and air space, we still have quite a number of  skyscraper on the skyline. The space on the ground is beginning to be lesser, the only logical solution is to go up and even higher. Here is a gallery tour of some of the skyscrapers located in our sunny island.

Asia Square

AXA Tower



Hong Leong Building

Jurong Town Corporation

Lippo Centre

Marina Bay Suites

Ocean Financial Centre

Corporate Photography in Singapore

I was asked by a office from Kuala Lumpur to create some corporate pictures of their regional managers from various Asia countries. The brief of the photo shoot was short yet clearly understandable what the client needed.  These images will also be archive and used for the company internal usage.

On the day of the photo shoot, I will reach the location 30 minutes in advance, in this case even earlier because i have not met the client prior, there is no ground recce either because the place is located in a hotel. Hence it would be good to sit down with the client and discuss her need for the images and later scout for a good spot for the photo shoot.

The funny thing is, when i finalise the spot i wanted. I waited another hour before the photo shoot begins. Then the spot i wanted which is a bar was opened for business and  lots of people started to come in for a drink after their conference. It was quickly needed to scout a new spot and i have to determine one immediately because the regional managers are out of the conference!

Once the position is finally decided, i needed another 15 minutes, fastest, to set up the lightings, i did not have any assistant on that day because the client bring forward the photo shoot one day in advance. Suddenly there was lots of pressure because of all these unforeseen circumstances to handle.

Even though i have been doing corporate photography for more than a decade, there are always new things to learn because every photo shoot has different type of situation, environment and personalities to handle. There may be some restriction on the ground at times but with experience i am able to adapt to the last minute changes. Having an original plan is never foolproof, but having the ability to make quick decision when something does not go according to plan is equally critical.

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