Singapore Trains

Singapore Trains series was a sudden burst of idea in a afternoon back in Dec 2016, i thought how a single scene with multiple tracks with each train running on it designated route look like? Honestly i was also sort of inspired by Stephen Wilkes day to night series.  I ever read online that mentioned, don’t look at other artist’s work to be creative, be original. Is like indirectly stealing visual for your own usage. I beg to differ, for me i require good visual to inspire myself to come out with my own original idea.

The 2 images above are made in Jurong East. The first round was doing scouting, sniffing out possible positions and the type of composition. The next trip was to bring my gears and returned to the spot where i will be executing the shot. I know most people don’t do scouting at all, they lug their entire gears along and start to trigger immediately. Personally there is nothing wrong with it; however scouting allows me to be more visually focus, fix the scene in my mind, ample time to better understand my surrounding as well, pre-determine what are the right gears to prepare. That is my type of preparation before any commercial shoot. For this case, personal work.

There are not many train tracks in Singapore that has more than two train tracks side by side. Much time were burnt on scouting of the location, checking out map and random train pictures from online. When the actual shoot took place for that day, i only hope for the best weather after studying the weather forecast, before that i even monitor the daily weather to see if there is a same pattern. The above two images are made in Choa Chu Kang area.

As the saying goes: “the more you practice, the better you will get.” After making  mistakes and keep on improve from it. The next shoot will always be in less difficulty, mistakes allows me to gain the experience that book never teach you. Bear in mind no 2 shoot is ever the same. That is why the experience built up is more than ever important to handle new challenge. The above image is made in Punggol area.


Skyville @ Dawson

The very first time i saw Skyville @ Dawson was back in early 2013. I was taking a stroll along Alexandra Canal Linear Park, one of my favorite walking park in Singapore, the stretch will lead to Alexandra Park Connector and to Robertson Quay later. At that period architecture wasn’t a much of an interest to me. But i was excited by the 3D design mock-up that was displayed.

In early 2014 i went back, headed up a few blocks nearby to capture some pictures. That was the first time i saw Skyville @ Dawson. It was practically so high that i was awe by it magnificent, especially serving it as a public housing!

In 2015, i heard a news on tv that residents are allowed to collect the house key. I knew it was time to visit the brand new estate when it is still fresh. Making my way there was an eye-opening, with 3 sky gardens and a roof garden on 47th level. With a fantastic view of the city. Later i learned it was designed by WOHA, a renowned architect firm in Singapore!

Below am going to share some of my favorites photographs of Skyville @ Dawson architecture. Hope you will like it.

Skyville @ Dawson in monochrome

A lovely sight to see father and son bonding at the fitness area

Love the tree co-exisit with Skyville @ Dawson on the ground level

Entice by this design on the roof garden, is like gate to heaven

A man enjoying the scenery

The rest of the images can be view in my website. Will update more when i have the time to explore again.

Abstract Architecture

I’ll recently invested in a new lens product, the Canon 17mm TS lens. Constantly using this awesome lens for the past month, capture plenty of interior assignment and architecture exploration. Finally no more adjustment of curved lines or distortion from exterior and interior in photoshop. Simply love it to be in vertical straightness, from my camera.

Last weekend i went to National University School (NUS) for location scouting, possible future personal projects there in future. I was wandering around this prodigious campus, getting myself off track a bit hopefully to spot something interesting. Walking around the back of the blocks does have it very own surprise sometimes. I bump into this stairway in a curve shape, reminds me of a half moon during the dark night. It has this rectangular opening in-between the wall looking from the outside. I took a picture of it risking to get horned by passing vehicle, but the result was irrelevant as the weather was totally like a white piece of blank sheet stick on the sky.

Turned around to the stairs and was greeted by this an opening which reminds me of a Samsung curved UHD 3D smart led television. I would have placed a tall chair, sit right there to enjoy the panorama experience. It was uncomplicated yet alluring.

As i climbed further up around the circular staircase. I was greeted by the lines and gentle curve of it.

Overall is like exploring a piece of art in public. I took a few more photographs of the surrounding and posted it up in my architecture photography gallery. Feel free to check out the remaining series.

Documentation of sculpture in Singapore #1

Artist: David Gerstein

Title: Momentum

The sculpture’s layers upon layers of figures in an upwards spiral motion represent the populations high energy and a continuous cycle of progress. This work pays tribute to Singapore’s present and past generations, for without their toil, strength and ingenuity, will not have become the dynamic metropolis it is today. The sculpture signals the vision, continual commitment by everyone to help steer Singapore into a vibrant global city.

Commissioned by One Raffles Quay Pte Ltd

What’s happening in Jan 2013

First of all Capture Asia would like to wish everyone a very prosperous Chinese New Year, wish everyone good health and great success in 2013. *HUGS*

What’s happening in Jan 2013, here is a quick update of some photography work commissioned by clients and personal work accumulated.

Event Photography

Portrait/Editorial Photography

Food Photography

Industrial Photography

Cityscape Photography

Chinese Guardian Lions

Also, since is 14th Feb today. Wish all lovers, couples, married one a very wonder Valentine’s Day. Each second counts, treasure every single moment.

With Love,
Ricky Gui (Founder of Capture Asia)

Serial Photography

Last week i was doing my research and browsing some excellent photo books in national library. I came across a book by Harold Mante, title Serial Photography. The book cover has a series of cars covered with cover against various interesting background. I thought that was really interesting, so i pick it up to study it. Immediately i realized it was similar to some of my past projects i did before!

What is serial photography? Serial photography is shooting a collective amount of similar designated subject with different environment setting, colors and lighting. A long process which is a great way to train your eyes to observe particular interesting subject to focus at. What you focus on is what you going to get.

One can shoot a serial of photographs for example – window, signboard, sky, everyday scene from a fixed spot at a fixed timing, monthly self portrait for years etc. Get the drift, it could be anything that is within your creative mind, is a boundless flow of process to work on.

Let me share with you a project i documented in Singapore for 2 years, i name it Hidden Door Is a series of colorful and vibrant images in the back street of shop houses around the country. Wandering and exploring is fun for me, especially the back street of shophouses in Singapore, where not many locals would want to venture into, less the tourists. I used to call it “series of images” rather than “Serial” until Harold Mante name it as “Serial Photography”.

Below is another series of serial photography i do in Singapore when i first started doing documentation around Singapore, I was attracted by the distinct design of bulb fusion with various element to beautify it. At the same time creating a light source to light up the frontage or act as a guiding path to walk safely in the dim. No one hardly look up, one day i looked up, and the rest is history. Hence the name of project is Illumination.

For starters who got no general idea of what to shoot. Perhaps you can consider serial photography. Hope you like it.