Pondering My Photography Style?

I was doing my routine run a few nights ago. A question that i was always pondering of: “What is my photography style?” The answer suddenly came to my mind.

I have discovered the answer to my personal photography artwork style. That night as i  was in a forested environment, the weather was almost an autumn temperature, the air was in an absolute freshness after a heavy downpour, the park was almost quiet. The answer i long searching for suddenly came to my mind.

I am squeezing time from the past and present into a single frame. 

Squeezing time from the past and present into a single frame! Honestly, that sounds like an amazing super power isn’t it? To tell my art – First, i am always capturing multiple frames and merge it into a single picture. Second, carefully selecting a scene to produce a long exposure method. Third, taking a picture with a vision of history and the present moment.

(A day without vehicles)



 (Wonder Full)

Now i think about it, throughout the years, nobody shares with me about what they like about my personal work. As for commercial work, i always ask feedback from the client. It was the usual reply, “Yes this looks great/fantastic/wonderful… bla bla bla.” That is fine because i am providing a service to your business who need to use my expertise knowledge or experience in photography to make high-quality images for their business. If the client is happy, i am happy. Always try to put me in their shoes to meet the expectation required.

Love photography
I do it because i love it, i have the passion in it. I created a picture from scratch is not because of the market demand or popularity. I created a picture through my own ideas and imagination. I want to be inspired by other great photographer’s work, check out their work too.

Find your own style
My answer to you is to keep making more pictures, create more personal projects, read up more books from those great master photographers without restricting any genre. Continuously reflect on your personal work, belief in your art, don’t be bothered whether people like it or not. Most importantly, you must enjoy the process and the final outcome. I believe your answer to your own style will eventually come.

Check out the master’s work
If you are into architecture and interior, check out Julius Shulman impressive visual. If you love street photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson is a must to understand his insight world. If you are into landscape photography, study Ansel Adam in-depth knowledge of making a landscape picture timeless.

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My unnoticeable photography projects

Because i love photography
I work on an idea that came to my mind
I use pictures to share my thoughts and imagination
This is my own unique visual art

I am grateful to receive my first publicity through Archdaily and other sources. Hidden Door was a 2 years photo project exploring the back lane in Singapore. Someone from France wanted to buy the above print after the news spread. But he said my price was too steep, giving me an art print lecture over the email. I still dream of having my Hidden Door exhibition in the local museum. An art work that local people able to relate. I never enjoy art that is too abstract or too deep of a meaning that is too profound to understand.

Illumination was my first series photo project. I remembered a friend was pointing his camera on a lighting display or ceiling light whatever you call it. The idea set me off to a series of exploration of interesting lighting design around Singapore. I still remember i was using a Canon 20D and later a 5D to document all these pictures. I suffered a neck sore for looking up for a prolonged period.

Singapore Public Art Sculpture was about seeing how the sculptures co exist with the environment. Moving around the city area to find interesting sculptures.

These Chinese Guardian Lions or stone lions were believed to have powerful mythic protective benefits. It is usually station at the entrance of a place or entrance to a building. Give you any chill?

I had this imagination of living in a day without vehicles. We breathe in clean and fresh air wherever we go. In 2016, one of the government board allows me to display my work in their public event. I was excited to make my own prints to bring it for my first exhibition. I never said it before, my first time was a horrible experience as the prints fell flat on the wet ground, my heart was immediately broken. Then the Minister (VIP) came by to visit with his entourage, his first comment was:”Wa this looks like a ghost town”.

*roll eyes*

1% inspired by Stephen Wilkes “Day to night”. An idea struck me how does it look like with train running on each track. I name it Trainscape.

Wonder Full is a project from 2015 to June 2017. Capturing the laser show of the famous Marina Bay Sands. I got to stop the project because the Wonder Full light show has come to a halt.

I reflect on my photography style after 11 years
I love taking on long-term photography project
I can be live patiently with photography
These pictures are my children

Architecture Photography of DUO in Singapore

For many years i have been witnessing this DUO building working it way up to the skyline in Singapore. One particular sight i can clearly remember was seeing the construction workers assembling the tower crane in mid air on a scorching day, i was feeling the sweat and intense heat with them even i was standing under the shelter.

DUO consists of DUO Residences and DUO Tower. The entire building is like a partially commercial bee hive – with the individual honeycomb shape facade in place. The architecture design looks unconventional to me.

Hope you enjoy the pictures below.

When the night fall, the entire building is lighted up, glamouring itself with a glazing effect. It gives a different feel to the surrounding but i wouldn’t say is outstanding or attractive either. Over time it will simply blend in with other nearby high rises buildings.

Before the construction of DUO on 2012. This space used to be an empty spacious green field. Sometimes on the weekend, i can see a small group of people playing football. I enjoy walking past there when i was taking pictures of the street. Singapore’s land is considered extremely scarce. Every inch of land is just waiting to be redeveloped for either commercial or public purpose.

On the side note, i feel there is a lack of rooftop accessibility for the public. I got no idea for whatever reason why there are not many in Singapore despite so many high rises buildings. Personally, i love going up to skyscraper to enjoy the city view in other countries, i would pay money for it despite the high entrance fee, skyscraper i have visited like the Taipei 101 and Shanghai Tower offer a very generous view of the city surrounding. In Singapore, Marina Bay Sands and 1-Altitude is the only place i know in the city that offers an aerial view – both require an entrance fee. Another place is Orchard ION but the place is currently under construction till Oct 2017, although is free but is open for certain hours.

If you are interested to read more about DUO, check out Archdaily for a more technical explanation. You can also head over to my gallery too.

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A short holiday in Ho Chi Minh City

My partner was very generous to give me a free air ticket to Ho Chi Minh City as my birthday present. Thank you dear!

I haven’t visited Vietnam since 2015 i think. This is the first time we are traveling to this Ho Chi Minh City. Much has changed in the city, the familiar walkway i used to travel is going to be removed soon, the Japanese restaurant i often patronize was gone, many shops were starting to close down, all these are due to the development of underground train.  Is kinda of sad, but the country needs to continue to develop to improve the life of the local.

I bought a DSLR camera and a tilt shift lens with me on the trip, nothing more. I was more interested in the local architecture since i took more interest in architecture after my last VN trip. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t the best throughout the trip, i didn’t bring my camera out most of the time. I only managed to make less than 15 pictures on this entire trip, and only a few pictures barely can make it.

My mindset from the start was the outcome of the picture was least important, i already knew the weather was going to be less friendly. But i want to see the local popular architecture through my camera using a tilt shift lens, i want to have a feel of it in overseas. Other than that, it was mainly bonding time, my partner and i were tasting lots of very delicious local dishes, gosh this is another food heaven country.

Only 4 pictures of architecture from Ho Chi Minh City to share and one night scene from my hotel swimming pool

A very interesting building that is filled with cafe and living space, can be seen along the street of Nguyen Hue

Palace Saigon hotel along the street of Nguyen Hue

The very famous local landmark must visit is Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon

The Myst Dong Khoi is an upscale hotel with a rooftop bar and swimming pool. I love how the building is embracing greenery all over it.

From my hotel, Liberty Central Saigon Centre Hotel. I placed my camera on the ledge to capture this night scene, probably the most difficult thing i ever did because there is no auto focus on my lens, no cable release, no tripod. Extremely hard to compose as the live view from my 5D MK II old camera is spoilt.

There are lots of hotels and budget hotels in Saigon, depending which area you wish to stay. If you are not really on a low budget, want to stay in a mid price but a good hotel. I would like to recommend you to stay at Liberty Central Saigon Centre Hotel. Is only less than a min walk to Ben Thanh Market. Lots of delicious food around the streets, In my opinion, this hotel is very centralized for me as i can head to many places easily. In the past, i was staying in backpacker street and i have to walk a pretty far distance to Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica and so on. This was also my first time swimming in a hotel pool on the roof, the view is really scenic in the night.

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Monochrome pictures at Pandan Reservoir

I decided to convert some color pictures into basic monochrome effect (black and white) which i had pre-visualize during my photo walk at Pandan Reservoir in Singapore.

A monochrome photograph is usually seen in an old tradition picture that tells a story of the past. However taking pictures without colors force you to think and see a subject differently.  Black and white scene changes the way you look at lighting and contrast, changes the way how you compose a picture differently, changes the way to portray a story in the picture. Black and white often offer a timeless and classic feeling that evokes emotion.

7 pictures will be shown below

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Photo Walk at Pandan Reservoir

Took the chance with my partner on the weekend to go for a hike at Pandan Reservoir. This reservoir is located in the western region of Singapore. I think this is the only vast place on this island that i can feel more relaxed and to generate ideas.

Pandan Reservoir has a length of 6km. You can either walk, jog or cycle around the reservoir. Recommend you to bring a bottle of water to quench your thirst, as there is only one water station.

I brought along my 5D Mark III camera, mounted with a 70-200mm lens for the walk. I know i will be zooming in a lot rather than doing a wide-angle picture. The weather was great but hot as usual. I was ok with it, but my partner finds it a bit torturing. Thumbs up for her to complete it under the hot weather.

If you like taking pictures using your DSLR camera, and is your first trip to Pandan Reservoir. I will suggest you to bring a wide-angle and telephoto lens. There are many different viewing points as you trek along the mild sandy path.

14 pictures will be shown below

View of an industrial architecture picture, behind it is Clementi neighborhood

There is few dedicated area for the public to enjoy fishing

Another view of Fusionpolis building (center) i always wanted to capture from afar

Singapore produces the world’s largest builder of oil rig for global demand

An architecture view of the industrial logistic building

Zoom in to enjoy the colors

I always wanted to capture CWT logistic building in it best light form. The lighting was fantastic on that day. Blessed!

Industrial architecture that caught my eye

In the background is Singapore first offshore power station

If you are a traveler visiting Singapore, and your purpose is to visit some of the parks or a good hike. I would recommend you to go Pandan Reservoir. Make sure you have your sunblock applied because it is an opened area, there is small pocket of shelters for you to rest. It takes about an hour plus to complete the entire reservoir.

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View from the window plane

I was given a seat at the aisle inside the plane. It didn’t bother me much because it was only an hour and 40 minutes to reach Ho Chi Minh City. What bothers me was seated in the last row, behind me are 2 toilets. Where unnecessary smell is not required in this journey. Luckily the row in front of me was empty, i quickly hopped over to the front with my partner.

The sky was gloomy through the flight, i look at the window, nothing interests me to visually from an aerial perspective. I read just a few paragraphs of Jack Ma book before dozing off.

The pilot informed us that we are 30 mins away from Ho Chi Minh City.

I went to the middle seat and try to look out the window. I can see the river in Vietnam. I have seen this sight many times, never fail to awe me. The sky continues to be in bad mood, a few minutes later i saw a ray of light shining through the dark and heavy cloud.

I quickly exchange seat with my partner. Whipped out my Huawei Mate 9 mobile phone. I set it in monochrome mode, increase contrast to +1. Excitedly started to snap picture after picture. Decreasing the exposure value as i quickly warmed up my creative juice.

My best picture ever made from a plane using a phone.



Dear reader,

This is what I think now. Experience in photography doesn’t sell at all.

I believe am the best in creating commercially valued photographs. Today and the future, i only want to make picture with all my heart and soul in it. I want to provide the best photographs for my entire client, nothing less. Telling potential client I have more than 10 years of experience. Some people will still doubt my credibility.

Honestly, i think I am the best photographer in this business. If not I am wasting precious time, passion and commitment in the wrong business.

Today. All photographers are very good; many photographers are competing for one job. I looked at Instagram, I know student photographers are very talented, i can’t compete against them because they do jobs for free to get a portfolio. These kids are probably more creative than you and I.

This is what i think, the number of years taking pictures does not matter anymore. Someone will always be better. This doesn’t mean you should lose faith.

The journey to be a successful photographer is to know how to brand your business, market your name, hustle really hard for what you want to specialize in. Aim to be the number ONE in the field you are strongly passionate about.

Get your new client to write a business testimonials after a job is completed. Make sure you did well, give them more than they asked for if possible.

Offer picture solution, not creating problem

Clients won’t like a photographer to give problem when they got other problems on hand. A professional photographer is hired to give the client picture solution.

Be super proactive

When there is a doubt; check back, clarify, ask a question. Never assume anything.

Unleash your photography skill

You have spent several years practicing photography, sharpening your visual. Unlease all the skill you have mastered, no need to hide secret photography skill. Because the internet leaks all secret.

Be your own self

I am always friendly with people. I make sure people are comfortable in front of my camera. I am very easy to chat with. I always want to be cheerful and a fun person when am working. Because i am doing what i love and passionate about.

Care for your client’s job

By doing a fantastic photography job, not only your client will like your service. Your client can also impress his boss because your client did his job well. Is a win win for everyone.

By having testimonials will squash all doubters. I don’t want to waste time to do much explanation of what i can do. My outstanding portfolio and testimonial say it all about me and my business.

Wish everyone a great weekend.

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Singapore Corporate Photographer

A quick share. This is one of the latest corporate photography work in Singapore. Capture Asia Photography was commissioned to capture pictures of a local employee on location. The pictures were to be used in their company Sustainability Report months later.

Although three pictures were used in the report which is really wonderful! Like any other photo shoot, i put in lots of energy and heart into it. The client herself flew in personally from Thailand office to be involved in the process. I only managed to meet up with her on the photo session day. We quickly got into the business because time schedule was tight, their employee i am working with only got half a day instead of a whole day due to his hectic work commitment. An unexpected twist of an event.

Panic button was not required. One week before, i already did a recce trip at the company to have a better visual understanding of their corporate office environment. Even much earlier, there was​ already discussion about the photo shoot through email and phone discussion. Hence the change of situation was calmly, yet only to be focusing on working out the various scenes i needed. I also constantly checking back with the client to confirm several spots and art direction. While my fantastic assistant was busy preparing the lightings and gears for me, a good assistant rocks!

I somehow always took interest how the final pictures I’ve​ captured will turn out to be in use. Because of the way how the designer will crop the pictures to use it.

Writing a photography blog

Dear reader,

After blogging a bit more consistently for a few months. I realize blogging is not an easy work when getting serious about it. I need to spend at least 2-3 hours to finish a post, usually with less than 1000 words. My blog is mainly about my Singapore company photography service, sharing the process of the commercial photography aspect, my personal thoughts on photography, storytelling of pictures, travel photography in Asia etc.

We blog for a various reason. Sharing useful contents, updating information, documenting a personal diary or posting visual art for the cyber world readers. The positive thing about blogging is we are not restricted to write a whole range of topic of anything in this world, there is no limit at all. As long the blog post is useful and helpful to anyone who is searching for any specific blog to read and discover.

I realize one of the benefits of blogging allows me to develop my sentence structure and grammar, develop my own style of writing. I also rather write the key points than going about a long boring story. I am pretty bad at writing all these years. Rather than seeing it as an obstacle, i see blogging as an opportunity to improve my language skill. Is important to put me constantly in the learning process. If we stop growing, life would be dull.

Good news! Blogging makes me think a bit smarter, write with a purpose in mind. I aim to be the most searchable commercial photographer on the internet. I got no idea when can that happen, but i know if i keep blogging good contents. I can achieve my goal one day. If you have any advice about improving my blogging skill and ranking, please let me know.

In the long run through blogging. Not only i want to achieve my ranking goal on the internet. I also want to empower more hobbyist to improve their interest in photography – such as offering photography tips and advice to improve their skill. Photography is a skill that requires many years of experience to be really good at it, constant feedback is needed for improvement. I would encourage you to drop me a message to check out your work.

Thanks for reading!