Anti drone technology

Am sure everyone in photography at least knew what is aerial photography using drone technology. I came across this video on youtube which i personally find it a bit disturbing, a drone-neutralizer gun was invented to bring down the drone. Check out the video!

Personally seeing drone use in photography offer a fresh perspective of our world. But it depends who is the user controlling it. Where will the drone be flying over? What is the purpose for it? Flying in a legal fly zone or restricted area? Many questions were asked but i don’t think there is a clear law in the moment the purpose of flying a drone anyway we like.

Man came up a fantastic product and only later bring it down by another technology because it disturb the life of others, or flying into a no fly zone area for drone. Also had viewed a couple videos of how annoying drones been taken out from the sky in public. Weeeeeeeeee…….

A man used a fishing rod line to hook the drone off the sky, am sure he rather hook up a big fish than a flying toy. Another drone flew over a basketball court and got hit by the basketball causing damage to it, nice shot to cause over 50% damage.

Whoever this genius invented a drone-neutralizer gun sure brings down the drone in the most polite way. How sweet!

Singapore Corporate Photography promotion for 2014 by Capture Asia

Is been a while since the last blog was updated. Am back with a piece of good news for 2014. Starting January to 1st April 2014 Capture Asia is running a Corporate Photography promotion.

For individual who wish to update their new look or profile in 2014. This is the best time to kick start a new work year with new update of picture. Am going to share a few ideas how you can fully maximize your picture usage.

1. A welcoming profile picture on your business card when giving it to your potential client.
2. Usage on business website if you are running your own business, it would be a great to show end users who is the boss/director managing the business.
3. A professional profile image on your social media platform such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Blog etc.
4. Clean look when submitting application for a new job, especially important for fresh graduates who is starting a new life in the work force.
5. A front profile image for passport size photo usage in future.

Usual rate:
-45min session
-All soft images return
-Images download from website with secure password on the next day
-Choose 2 images for final editing

Promotion rate:
-45min session
-All soft images return
-Images download from website with secure password on the next day
-Choose 3 pictures for final editing
$120 (20% discount)

Additional promotion rate:
-For only first 5 clients that write a testimonial regarding service after the photo shoot will receive an addition 5% discount.
-$112.5 (Total 25% discount)

This exclusive promotion is applicable for all corporate client who is interested. Promotion is only applicable only on weekday from 10am-5pm. Photo shoot will be done in a studio against a white background. For a bit more variety, recommend client to bring at least 2 outfits for the shoot. Make-up artist is not included unless stated.

The direction of the shoot will be a very clean, sleek and professional look. A welcoming smile and confident posture will instantly generate ‘Likes’. First impression is very important. Hence making you look really in front of the camera is the photographer’s job. Photographer Ricky Gui had capture hundreds of corporate portraits in Asia for the past 7 years. Ensuring the best quality to you, nothing less.

For enquiry/booking of date, you can email through Capture Asia’s website.

The Last Roll of Kodachrome

Back in 2009 i attended Steve McCurry Master class in Singapore. During that time, the local newspaper announced Kodak was considering to retire Kodachrome, a color slide film that capture amazing colors. Most people would have known Steve use this film to capture many amazing portrait pictures that acclaims him many awards during his career as a photographer.

You can check out some of Steve’s final images on his blog using the last roll of Kodachrome 64.

Here is a clip of him behind the scene which almost shed tears in my eye.

Due to client’s demand and the constant shift of technology. I have to emphasize that film is not totally dead. There are many thousands of people out there shooting film today. Is the process that counts, no matter what digital/film camera you use, what type of software on computer to do editing. End of the day is the joy and passion of the craft we are constantly learning.

P.S. Just realized this was created in Jan 2013 yet i forgot to publish.

What i hope for for a new camera comes true – Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Finally, the long anticipated Canon 5D Mark III was finally introduced world wide. Am pretty sure most photographers are equally excited as me, pondering what is the new improvement Canon is going to announce. As usual there are many rumors from various forums talking about the new “secretive” product, chatters are gossiping about what they want and expect from the camera manufacturer. Said is easier than done i suppose. Is all the cheap thrill that makes it dramatic.

Here is the showcase of the new EOS 5D Mark III by Canon.

I remembered getting my 5D Mark II about 1.5 years later after it released, There’s a need to upgrade the camera as i need new technologies to cope with the new client’s base. I manage to sold it at a good price to fund for the latter.

After using the 5D Mark II for 4 years. As a professional photographer that works with the camera intensively day-in day-out, shooting various subjects in different circumstances and environment. I’ll long desired certain features that would be incorporated in the next generation of Mark III. Here is what i hope..

My dream specs for 5D Mark III
Maintain the mega pixels
More autofocus point
Better weather sealing

When i read the specs from 5D Mark III i was really overwhelmed. Is like Canon heard my voice and make such a wonderful product for my needs!

Canon EOS 5D Mark III – Key features:
22.3 Megapixel full-frame sensor
61-point autofocus
Up to 6fps continuous shooting
Native ISO 100-25,600 sensitivity (H1-51,200; H2-102,400)
Full HD video with manual control
14-bit DIGIC 5+ processor
Enhanced Weather sealing
8.11cm (3.2-inch) 1,040,000-dot screen
HDR mode with presets

The specs are close to what i want and is a cut above. Am so glad the megapixel was not further push up to 25mp or 30mp, as 21mp from 5D Mark II is a quite demanding at times to shoot at RAW mode.

New layout of the 5D Mark III exterior, it wouldn’t be hard to adapt it soon.

Probably i will get this beast about a year later, as my 5D Mark II still have a lot more room for capturing images. I feel i have yet to fully maximize it’s capabilities, yet.