Exploring Downtown Line 3 in Singapore

15 Oct 2017 was the opening of the new 16 Downtown Line 3 stations. Like many people, i took this wonderful opportunity to check out the stations. I actually spent about 7 hours to explore all the 16 stations, i think Downtown Line 3 stations are running a combined of 21km in total.

What strikes me most, in particular, was the Bencoolen station. Because i had been going to a nearby venue for photography job for many years, i had witnessed the development of its changes. I also learnt that this is the deepest station in Singapore, surpassing Promenade MRT station at 42 metres deep. When i saw the number of escalators needed to go out or enter, i knew this must be really way below. What a fascinating engineering work.

My objectives were to make nice pictures of the station interior to share with your, enjoy what i love to do, and get to know each new place a bit better. What was even better was there were games booths at each station for the public to enjoy. Each station has a checkpoint for you to chop a stamp on a sheet of paper, collecting all 16 chops will be entitled to a free gift as well.

Each station is giving out a unique postcard relating to the station to the visiting public, i thought the postcard was beautiful and i wanted to collect all of it, but i only managed to get 2 postcards out of the 16 (i post 2 pictures here later on the next edit). There were two bomb shelters were open to the public as well, i had a glimpse of what’s inside and learn about what is ‘dry toilet’. There was also various SCDF personnel spread across the various train station to teach the public how to do CPR and attend to open wound. This is a very educational knowledge regardless of age. Thank you SCDF for imparting such valuable knowledge.

There were two public shelters opened to the public as well, this is a very rare opportunity and i had a tour to understand what is a public shelter look like. I learnt about what is a ‘dry toilet’ through the detail explanation from the SCDF personnel. There was also various SCDF personnel spread across the various train station to teach the public how to perform a CPR and attend to open wound when an emergency situation occurs. A valuable educational knowledge regardless of age. Thank you SCDF for your valuable knowledge. Do check out the list of the public shelter.

Each station has its own unique design, history and art display. The individual station is designed in a way that is related to the neighbourhood. From a photographer’s point of view, there are so many things for me to capture. But there were huge numbers of people moving in and out. Hence it is very challenging to get the best picture i had in mind.


Check out all the latest pictures of the Downtown Line 3 Stations

Fort Canning Station

Bencoolen Station

Jalan Besar Station

Bendemeer Station

Geylang Bahru Station


Mattar Station

MacPherson Station



Ubi Station

Kaki Bukit Station

Bedok North Station


Bedok Reservoir Station 

Tampines West Station

Tampines Station

Tampines East Station

 Upper Changi Station

Expo Station

From a technical point of view. The lighting condition doesn’t allow me to apply a fast shutter speed in the interior of all the stations. Carrying a tripod in a crowded place is kinda of troublesome, and am not even sure if a tripod is allowed until i saw a few using it? I am setting my camera to ISO3200 for 99% of the images. Honestly, the image quality is only average. People are always talking about shooting high ISO, but i dislike it because i want to preserve the colours and details. Unless my intention is turning the pictures into monochrome. Still, i will need to opt for high ISO setting depending on the situation, got to act flexibly.

I know many people had missed out the open house, the good news is there will be free rides between these new 16 stations on the 21 and 22 Oct 2017. Make sure you take this opportunity to travel with your family and friends.

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Photographing an Office Interior Co Working Space in Singapore

Many months back i was approached by a company am collaborating with to capture their office interior picture for one of their co working space unit. The client wanted high-quality office interior pictures for their marketing materials to promote their co-sharing office space.

Like all commercial and interior job. I did a scouting at their office before the commencement of the photo shoot. Their ex-staff invited me last year to check out their office to see whether i have interest in renting one, and also possible photo shoot as well. But the plan was dragged on until the interior photography came up again as they have a more concrete plan, which is great.

I met up with their new marketing lady to discuss various possibilities of the photo shoot angles and adjustment of the interior space. She even showed me that their working desk can adjust its height electronically, pretty cool!

After the scouting was done, we all have a very clear idea how is the interior photo shoot going to happen. The next part was the confirmation of the date through email.

On the actual day of the shoot, the client also invited a vendor to act as models using their office space. I did a few lifestyle shoot as well, i will share those pictures in the future post.

In the left of this picture, i digitally removed all the messy cables that were underneath the 3 tables, Initially, i thought it was impossible because of the graduation lighting. So i throw myself a challenge and try to edit it away, i was surprised it was possible, but the time taken is very lengthy. I would have loved to remove the cables on the spot but is impossible.

Me and the client also arranged the office interior space to be neat after i confirmed my angle and camera position. As the table height can be adjusted, in the far end you can see one of the desk is actually higher than the other.

For this photo shoot, i set my tripod to a higher height, rather than waist level. I wanted to portray the depth and the facilities in this co sharing office space.

The entrance to the office, utilizing the two-side doors into the composition. “Welcome to the office”.

The last picture was to capture the exterior from outside of the office. I deliberately include the space on the right to give the picture more depth. I was immediately drawn by the result because it feels like an office inside a futuristic spaceship.

After the photo session ended, the client was telling me how much she had enjoyed the photo session with me, she also said she learned a lot as well. I really appreciate how this shoot was fun yet professionally done. I was really happy to receive a positive experience from the client.

See more of my interior photography portfolio gallery as well.

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Photographing a modern office interior in Singapore

I was recommended by a friend back in 2016 to help her friend new office for some work. Throughout the work later, the client and i were discussing interior photography for this newly set-up company based in Singapore. The executive director of the company has the passion for photography as well in another genre. So he more or less understands how photography work. I was happy he decided to hire me for their interior photography pictures.

I was tasked to capture the entire modern office interior – from the working area to the pantry and the reception area. Even though i had been to the office once for other work. I went back for a scouting trip in the office to better understand the design structure and lighting condition in a different timing. This allows me to pre-visualize the scene better when i am doing the photo shoot on an actual day in the given time.

I went into the office really early at 8 am, before the daily operation work begins. The first scene we had discussed via email was to capture the main office area before the working personnel starts to come in. The objective was to portray a clean look without anyone inside the picture.

For the first scene shot. The modern office area was naturally quite bright because the office window was huge. The window has sticker of small dots converge to big dots. Sorts of like generating a small idea to a big dream. There is also a row of small greenery plants to rest the fatigue eye, another wonderful design element to include into my composition. I like how the overhead light is flushed in on the top – the light brightness is fairly soft, perfect for the eyes for productive work. Overall this presents a great interior office picture for my client.

Next i proceed to the conference or meeting room to create some pictures. This is one of the most important places in the company where lots of decision making was made. The meeting room has a really fantastic view of the outside from the very top floor. The challenge is to balance the ambiance light from the outside scene and artificial light for the indoor, all together. My camera won’t be able to perfectly expose the scene i wanted in mind, there is the 2nd part of work to be done in the editing part to make it even better. This was the best scene i like, capturing it in a symmetrical format to show a form a line of discipline

The pantry here is totally different from what i have seen. This company invests well in pantry design. This area looks absolutely cozy to relax a busy mind, can do light chatting about work, or even generating exciting ideas! I totally love the pocket of red popping out from various location. I did various scenes in this pantry as well, and this picture was one of my favorites. Oh ya it even has a television as well, which i seldom see it in office pantry.

Finally is the reception, waiting area. In this picture, i made use of the vertical line as the leading line to view the rest of the design space. I did the editing of the logo as it was reflective of the outside light.

For all the pictures, i hide everything i could in all the scenes. I have already informed them to keep the place clean, keep individual desk super neat. On the day of the photo shoot, i will rearrange the desk, chairs, computers, hide the cables, and reposition or remove a certain object that is obstructive. I love challenging new scene that i never encountered before, it simply pushes my visual skill to the next level. I also take note of various small details that make a full picture more complete. Lastly, i always want to justify the design and space of the office to its best design.

You can view these set of pictures in my interior photography gallery as well


Art Gallery Interior Photography – Yayoi Kusama: Life is the Heart of a Rainbow

Dear readers,

I was fascinated by the avant-garde art display by Yayoi KusamaYayoi Kusama. So i decided to do a personal series of interior pictures at the National Gallery Singapore. This is the first time i am capturing an avant-garde interior photography picture. Very rarely do our local gallery display and market such art work on a massive scale, and successfully reaching out to the public with the help of media.

Yayoi Kusama is one of the world’s most influential artists and has played a crucial role in key art movements of the 20th and 21st centuries. This is her first major work in Southeast Asia. I am proud to say our local gallery did a fantastic job by bringing in her visionary practice into Singapore.

Enough said, is time for some visual treat!

I was blown away by the huge set up in the hall interior.

My idea was to document each section of the huge display room without any people involved. I want to clearly focus on her art display, and i love a clean and sleeky presentation. However, this is a paid venue for the public to come visit and enjoy art work collection. The biggest hurdle to document this art gallery is to wait for the crowd or a single person to leave the installation room. Plus i don’t have any work relation with the National Gallery as well. I thought this will be a waiting game.

During my first visit, observing the huge number of people coming in. I knew it was not going to be easy. Many people were staying pretty long in the display to take pictures to post on their social media, the more serious ones were quietly enjoying the art work.

With all my love for the tulips

I honestly wish i can put up a tripod and take the pictures with the lowest ISO and the smallest aperture. Well, we know mission impossible. I have to set my ISO over thousands and use at least f/8 and a bearable shutter speed to get a good exposure.

The Spirits of Pumpkins Descended into the Heavens

This is my most sought after interior installation room to document. This room is always filled with people queuing to take pictures. I returned 3 times to get an empty room but it was really tough even after a long wait. And finally, on the fourth try, i got what i have visualized. Lots of patient in the making for this picture.

I truly loved my last picture captured in a low angle yet able to showcase the entire room. Lots of personal satisfaction in it.

Infiniti Mirror Room

Do take note all these individual installation rooms have a long line to it. Be prepared to queue, but it will be totally worth your visual experience.

Do check out my photography website for more, i will also be uploading more pictures in a few days time.

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Singapore Interior Photographer Service

This is a self-promotional professional photography for interior photography service.

A very quick blog.

I started serious interior photography many years ago when i was tasked to shoot a series of pictures for a start-up company based in Germany. For that project, i invested in a very costly lens at that time purely for this specialized project. I have to admit i want that 17mm tilt-shift lens for architecture photography and to feel good as well. Every man gets excited about a new toy.

For interior photography work. The camera gears am using as such,

Canon 5D Mark III – A full frame camera, nowadays i will utilize the live view screen to check the details when am doing manual focus. Making use of technology to make my life easier, it would be a waste to pay over $4000 to not use such function.

16-35mm – An ultra wide-angle lens can go up to 16mm to cover the width of the space, especially when the place is huge. I usually try to go more than 16mm because of distortion purpose on camera.

17mm Tilt-shift – Making use of the tilt shift function if i want to reduce the foreground, and also for a better perspective if a certain condition doesn’t allow me to have a good perspective. It doesn’t have a built-in autofocus function.

70-200mm – Zoom in for details shots.

Portable Flash Light – Mainly use to fill in the shadow area, give the scene an extra pop and contrast if needed, depending on the lighting condition.

Tripod and Head – Previously using a SLIK tripod i got for the first time when i picked up photography, but the tripod was already more than 10 years old and offers very limited function and safety aspect. It was the perfect time to upgrade to a Manfrotto 190 carbon fiber tripod. Using an XPro 3 Way head to mount my camera. Tripod is extremely important to eliminate blur images.

I usually work on my interior shots using ambiance light. Setting a low ISO, low shutter speed and small aperture for my camera setting. This is more of a photography technical aspect to get a good exposure.

My rate for interior work usually won’t be over a thousand dollar unless the shoot scatters many days or different places.

Drop me an email if you like me to help you in your interior picture solution.

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Exhibition Photography Coverage

1st half of 2016 did an exhibition photography for an overseas client, the requirement was to capture nice pictures of their exhibition set up at Singapore Expo. Capture Asia Photography previously had similar experience covering a much bigger scale exhibition for a very established event company in Singapore. Photographer Ricky Gui knew of the challenge and expectation needed. He was more well-equip over the years as well, this allows him to take very good perspective picture when limitation occur. In this job, time management is crucial, photographer sometimes need to reach the venue really early because there is more than 100 exhibition booths to document. In this assignment, the client walked through with the photographer because of their various brands and specification. Most photography job is not only to capture nice pictures, but also act as a problem solver at times for the client to achieve their aim.

Please check out these nice exhibition pictures below!

Abstract Architecture

I’ll recently invested in a new lens product, the Canon 17mm TS lens. Constantly using this awesome lens for the past month, capture plenty of interior assignment and architecture exploration. Finally no more adjustment of curved lines or distortion from exterior and interior in photoshop. Simply love it to be in vertical straightness, from my camera.

Last weekend i went to National University School (NUS) for location scouting, possible future personal projects there in future. I was wandering around this prodigious campus, getting myself off track a bit hopefully to spot something interesting. Walking around the back of the blocks does have it very own surprise sometimes. I bump into this stairway in a curve shape, reminds me of a half moon during the dark night. It has this rectangular opening in-between the wall looking from the outside. I took a picture of it risking to get horned by passing vehicle, but the result was irrelevant as the weather was totally like a white piece of blank sheet stick on the sky.

Turned around to the stairs and was greeted by this an opening which reminds me of a Samsung curved UHD 3D smart led television. I would have placed a tall chair, sit right there to enjoy the panorama experience. It was uncomplicated yet alluring.

As i climbed further up around the circular staircase. I was greeted by the lines and gentle curve of it.

Overall is like exploring a piece of art in public. I took a few more photographs of the surrounding and posted it up in my architecture photography gallery. Feel free to check out the remaining series.

Interior Photography in Singapore

Recently i did an Interior Photography shoot for a client’s boutique shop in Orchard road, Singapore. For the interior shoot am using a Canon 5D MII and a 16-35 MK II lens, no additional lightings were added as i only got an hour to shoot the shop before operation started. Most of the time i prefer to shoot in ambience lighting condition. Most of the time photographer will not be given a luxury of time to shoot, but using the skill and experience accumulated over the years to get the best images commercially for the client’s portfolio.

Below are some of the selected images covered.

For more interior images feel free to check out my Interior Photography Galleries.

What Capture Asia specialize?

After many years in the photography industry, shooting from weddings, family portraits, children parties, event photography as a start for a couple of years. 2 years ago i decided to fully focus my attention on a wider and more challenging perspective, been a commercial professional photographer in Singapore and Asia region.

Some people asked me, what does a commercial photographer do? Commercial photographic work is mainly done for commercial usage such as magazine, advertising, corporate publication, brochure, restaurant menu, fashion, etc. Using my years of experience specialized skill and eye for detail to make their images to look the best. On client end, they are able to create better business profile, product attraction, and sending a strong message across their targeted consumer market.

Currently Capture Asia company direction is 100% focus in B2B relations. Mainly commercial photography for target clients. Commercial photography fall into various type of categories such as annual report, corporate photography, editorial, lifestyle, architecture & interior, food and industrial.

Below are the type of photography images i am capturing in Singapore and Asia region.

Singapore Annual Report Photographer

Singapore Corporate Photographer

Singapore Editorial Photographer

Singapore Lifestyle Photographer

Singapore Architecture Photographer

Singapore Food Photographer

Singapore Interior Photographer

Singapore Industrial Photographer

With an end, i hope viewers have a better understanding of what i specialize in. If you have any enquires drop me an email. Myself is available for booking in Asia and world-wide.

Commercial Photography by Capture Asia

Capture Asia is a Singapore based photography company specializing in annual reports, corporate, events, editorial, food, interior & architecture, lifestyle, travel stock images and documentary photography in Asia region.

Beside taking exciting pictures for client. My website offers secure downloading access for the capture images in our website. Client can either hired us by assignment. Or purchase of images with minimum photographic fee charges, we will advice accordingly what works best for the company.

Capture Asia is working with the founder of Imp studio, a Creative Director who has more than 10 years’ experience in the media industry, ranging from designing newspapers, magazines, books and marketing collateral. Targeting to produce the best result for you. All the resources are already under one house for production.

Below are the links to my portfolio, if your company is in need of professional photographer do drop me an email for enquiry, or even a hello.

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Singapore Corporate Photographer | Asia photographer | Business Headshots & Executive Portraits

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Singapore Food Photographer | Asia Food Photography | Singapore commercial photographer

Singapore Interior Photographer | Asia Interior Photography | Interior Photography

Singapore Architecture Photographer – Architecture Photography

Singapore Industrial Photographer – Asia Industrial Photography

Singapore Event Photographer | Event Photography Singapore