Today’s thought:

If we don’t invest in ourselves, we stop growing.

If a business owner doesn’t invest in their product or service it will be a continuous struggle.

Personal growth is about taking the action now and not tomorrow.

Sparkle up your creativity, jump out of your comfort zone.


Water pump photo shoot

I wonder how an image is not important to many businesses today, if not clients are not investing in the right photographer to capture their products because they are bind by budget or simply don’t understand the art of photography. That is why finding the right photographer is important.

I may not have captured everything in this world, but i listen to what client wants and i redefine perspective – i produce excellent perspective pictures that your industry or competitors had never done before. A good example is a link here – i was tasked to capture a series of water pump system set up on site, it was my first time capturing water pump system. The client was proactive, a bit more aggression in the photography part because she wanted the best. I was more than happy to be sharing ideas and angles of how to do it as well. I think this client is the only company in their line of business that invests in good photography to showcase their capability to attract more potential clients among their competitors, a more solid presentation when doing a proposal, not forgetting the water pump capability and service plays an important dual-role.

With my photography skill in architecture, interior, and industrial experience. I was able to merge all my skill into one. Although it was a job, i had lots of fun moving around to various places, each place has it’s own constraint, my job as a photographer is to solve each problem and produce the best image.

Why should you hire me if i don’t know you? You may worry yourself such as – is he going to do a good job? He must be charging a very high price. Is the photographer friendly and good attitude? Go to my website to read my client testimonials.

We provide free consultation to those who want a better idea of the types of pictures their business needs at the convenience and comfort of their office or on site.

What’s more, you can book CAP to do a free – yes, free! – test shoot! In other words, we’ll take on all the risk while you enjoy the benefit of sampling our work!

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Scaling Down

Scaling down is not a bad thing. Scaling down at this moment is a huge relief for me.

“What are you talking about if i may ask?”

Capture Asia Photography is going to focus on 2 key services in 2018 onwards. Mainly focusing on Architecture Interior and Industrial Photography.

The previous business service in 2016-17 consists of corporate, portraits and event. In the earlier years before 2016 i was also presenting food portfolio as well. Here my thought that time, I have so many portfolios to showcase, i am going to be good with the various skillset, i am so talented because i can do so many things and am going to earn big bucks from different clients. I am going to cover the market with the various skillset i have. So basically, i was firing my “missiles” on everyone in the market! And now i realize, is wrong of me to think this way. I can’t get most of the client. Is painful.

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The funny thing is I had this vision “To be the best architecture and industrial photographer in the world.” But in reality, i was power slamming conflict on myself, because i was offering corporate, portrait, architecture, interior, industrial, covering event service. And why i am offering these services is because of the money. Because of the money, i am providing services that conflict with my vision i had created “To be the best architecture and industrial photographer in the world.” Because of the money, i am providing a service but not to the point of extremely well. Somehow down the months i totally forgot about my vision and it stretches another year. I stop fulfilling my intention to be the best. I miss out the chance to focus on architecture and industrial photography because i was busy with other services that came along.

When i was called upon to do a corporate session. I was nervous. Why i was nervous is because i keep questioning myself whether my lighting will break down, will my lighting set up good enough, is my assistant available, will the client ask for a backdrop to be set up. I was creating these self-doubts and worry. Of course, i still did the job well and the client was happy about it from the feedback I’ve received.

Whereas, if a client wanted me to do an industrial photo shoot, for example, let’s say a logistic company needs pictures. I am happy and excited to go to the meeting with confident, that is lots of positive energy from the start. I know what to say, sharing expertise view, what are the things required from them. I am able to stamp my experience, expertise, and knowledge. I am in full control of the situation and that feels like giving a world-class service. During the photo shoot whatever hurdle that comes along the way i was more interested to solve it and gain that experience. So i am in a way solving their problem, giving a great service – which i call it a “Picture Solution for your business”.

It’s extremely hard to be the best in the world in various genres of photography. I absolutely love taking pictures. However not being an expert but jack of all trades is a waste of my time on this planet. To be good at just what you love, you got to focus your energy and time on it. Be a specialist and expert in it.

You may be thinking, “Ricky, you got 2 skillsets instead of one, you have architecture and industrial, isn’t that conflicting again?”

I did think about it, but my passion for this two genre is almost similar.

  • I am required to work outdoor regardless how hot the weather is.
  • I have the passion to explore and outdoor photography which requires a lot of walking.
  • I enjoy working by myself to have that peaceful moment when i am capturing the scene – the need to feel and interact with the subject is one of the keys to having captivating pictures.
  • I can crisscross my skill set between architecture interior and industrial photography to offer a unique perspective.
  • Both jobs are available for travel, i can easily bring my gears and laptop to work anywhere on this planet.
  • Both are capturing the building, except one is completed, another is in progress.

If you are targetting everyone on the market, you can’t get anything right. You can’t get the problem fix, there will be more problems instead of a problem. Look, I don’t want to be seeing a corporate client on Monday, food client on Tuesday, event client on Wednesday and editing on Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday busy with events.

Go think about it, i know my 11 years of photography is somehow wasted in a way. But hey, we pick up and learn rather than giving up. Is quite scary to hear how business fails after 1 year, 5 years and 10 years. And am going into 12 next year.

I refuse to be victimized again.

Good luck.


 Let the spark within you to ignite

How my pictures turn out in an Annual Report

I am always eager to see how the pictures i captured for a company annual report turns out in an annual report. Been an annual report photographer, it doesn’t mean all the time i have to drag my gears to the mother company, set up the lighting to do some half body or headshot. Depending on the type of service the company is providing. I can also be heading down to a no public access facility, a shipyard, or on the vessel to capture a series of images to tell a story.

After the whole photo shoot process is completed, i will send the images to the agency or company through my website. They will be able to download all the high-resolution images, start to figure out which picture best and how to fit into the annual report book. I am always curious how the picture is cropped and blend into the book design.

Branding is very important for the company – branding is one of the many important ingredients for any business.  Branding can be seen as a sign, company name, symbol, logo, design etc. The branding of the company needs to reach out to as many people as possible in their related industry or target audiences for example. Capture Asia Photography photographer Ricky Gui (myself) not only capture pictures of the company requirement but also constantly aware of the client’s company branding as well. Is not easy to photograph a scene that always must a branding within the picture.

For the four annual report pictures below, the client chooses pictures that emphasis a lot on their company name on their vessel. Images were mainly cropped into a long rectangular shape for the annual report design. I have to say the designer did a very good job!


Just some memory recapped to share: It was a 2 days photoshoot at a local shipyard. The client’s vessel was docking in Singapore for a while for a maintenance service. I was there by 7am and went up to the “monkey island”. The view was spectacular like this.

The vessel was more than a football field long. The height of the vessel is about 4-5 storey. I was walking and climbing so much during those 2 days just on a vessel itself. I was excited and doing my best to get as many great pictures as possible. This was also my first time doing a photoshoot on an oil vessel. All the visual aspect and scenes in the surrounding intrigued me. Despite the hot weather, the energy within me did not falter for the 2 days.

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Pictures of BigLift Shipping vessel in Singapore

I can’t help to notice BigLift vessel on Singapore water back in 2016. The bright yellow paint wraps around the vessel giving it a distinctive look from the rest of the fleet nearby. On-board the vessel usually have 2 giant cranes for lifting capabilities purpose. Depending on the type of vessel model, it can load up containers, heavy equipment and other small ships for transportation.  Is really amaze me to see an industrial vessel is so powerful.

For the photography part, i have observed that the vessel is on Singapore’s water for a period of time. I decided to make a trip soonest to go create an image of the vessel. As the vessel is far away from my nearest location. I brought a 70-200 f/4 telephoto lens and a tripod for this trip.

As you can see in the picture, i placed my tripod and use a 70mm to take this picture. The sky happened to have a bright moon on top of the vessel, it will be a waste not to include the moon in my composition. I choose to photograph this image during the magic hour as i wanted a saturated blue colour and in contrast to the deep yellow colour BigLift vessel. I also deliberately include a man in the foreground who was standing down there, you can see a little man’s silhouette just below the vessel. Thanks to the reflection from the moon, the area was well-lighted up!


Soon the sky turned dark, i went further down to the further end of the shore to make the above picture. I zoom into 200mm to capture the entire length of the vessel.  I was shooting is a very small aperture like f/16 to create a starburst effect. The shutter speed was 30 seconds, and when i check the picture it was actually sharp despite been floating on the sea.

I have been wanting to share these 2 pictures for a very long time, somehow the picture was ‘lost’ in my sea of digital files. I finally found it and share these 2 images i really like with all of you. As this is a personal shoot, i can work on my creative juices.

If any shipping company happens to have your vessel dock in Singapore and requires photography service in the shortest possible time, do drop me an email. Feel free to check out my industrial marine gallery

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Tunnel Boring Machine Photography

Tunnel Boring Machine in acronym is known as TBM.

Been an industrial or construction photographer. I was always awed by the huge machines on site, watching the capability of what a machine can perform to its maximum performance, i also love the loud coloring painting around the heavy metal. There are various types of complex machinery to build roads, tunnels, bridges, housings, airports, facilities and so on. This is why i love to capture pictures of construction and industrial photography.

I usually make industrial pictures on the surface or climbing high up onto an oil storage tanks. But i never had the opportunity to go underground. Sometimes the local news will report story about deep underground storage or the more common news is about building tunnels. I always see those lucky photographers and journalist got the chance to go down there to make pictures. I was wondering how would it be like down there to work? What would i do if am there? What are the challenges i am going to be facing? So many curious questions but no one to answer unless i try it myself.

One overseas construction company require my service a while back. The director needed me to document their important engineering progress, workers on-site with proper safety gears and working safely, company branding etc. One day, the site engineer on the ground needed me to go down to take pictures of their newly assemble TBM. Wow, i am going underground to not only make pictures of the construction but also taking pictures of a tunnel boring machine, i was super excited!

The power of visualization

With the bright open top, lighting was not an issue in this scene. Here you can see the workers were doing the final assembly of the various parts. Yesterday, i was speaking with another engineer from Germany, he told me, “assembling a TBM takes 2-3 months to complete, that also depends on the experience of the workers and engineers who are setting it up.” Seeing the complexity of this machine from the inside, 2-3 months or even longer is understandable. Is like building a huge lego set, except it is like 100 times more difficult to me.

This is the first time i get to see the machine’s front end, also known as the cutterhead. It has dozens of teeth that chip away the ground as it rotates. The TBM can bore through anything from hard rocks and sand. Am using a Canon 17mm tilt shift lens for this picture. I don’t want to have a converging effect from the bottom, i want the client to view their beautiful TBM in perspective. I love the deep contrast of the red and blue.

Despite all the digging and shifting of soils and sands. The air quality in the underground was not suffocating as there was cold air pumped in from the ventilation fan through the various long yellow air vent (or air bag). For work safety purpose, i believe there must be a certain temperature to maintain in the underground. The lighting must be sufficient to see things clearly.

From an aerial point of view, i can see the cutterhead and the tunnel shield. The shield is the protective barrier between the ground, the workers, and the equipment. Another angle picture for the client to use the images for their business presentation and portfolio.

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Industrial Landscape

I always try to find a balance between industrial work and finding my art. A very delicate process that is hard to achieve. Most of the time the final pictures usually ended up being the regular requirement by the client, i totally don’t mind at all, after all, i am paid to solve their picture problem. However, if i see an opportunity to do it both ways, i feel is even more beneficial.

Here are some of the industrial landscape shot that i made; both personal and work.

Using a 17mm tilt shift lens, capturing an underground digging site against the series of office towers as a backdrop. 

No drone, not a problem. A bird’s eye view of the machinery in action by using a telephoto lens to zoom in on the activity

When the day is blue and accompanies by some fluffy clouds, is great opportunity to make the tower cranes stand out in this construction environment. Using an ultra-wide angle to capture the entire scene

After months of waiting, finally saw the tanks are ready, the blue sky appeared at the right moment. Was on a boom lift using a telephoto lens to capture this finishing massive product

Capturing the biggest gantry crane i ever come across. The gantry crane was lighted up with starburst effect. I waited for the cars to make a turn for a light trail effect

Construction of an underground train station during the magic hour. Capturing the entire busy area

Is possible to mix commercial work with a little bit of my art. But to produce extensive work like this requires a lot of time and understanding of the site. If the chance arises, and i can do it better, why not.


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Logistic Photography

This is a self-promotional for Logistic Photography Service

I was commission by a company from UK to do a photo story of a logistic operation based in Singapore. Client’s brief was very clear, mood board was attached. I will have a better understand what type of images the client is specifically looking for. I love to solve client’s problem, this is what professional photographer is hired for. Deliver what the client needs, yet at the same time have the free flow of creative space to present the final work.

I always made an effort to do a recce at the warehouse before the commencement of the photo shoot. I have to emphasise it is important to check out the location first before the commence of the actual shoot.

– Understand how the warehouse environment looks like
– Finding the potential photography angles
– Know how their operation work
– Which area in the warehouse is required to rearrange
– Condition of the lighting
– Discuss/speak with the person in-charge of the project in details

Shooting on the vehicle side mirror to picture a glimpse of the action

Logistic personnel enacting their daily work process

Activated the scissor lift for a better perspective of the warehouse

Forklift in action

Staff pulling a pallet jack

Working scene from an elevated angle

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If you are new and wish to find out more about my work

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– 1 in Beijing
– 2 in Bangkok
– 3 in Sri Racha
– 4 in Nepal
– 5 in Vietnam

You Are What You Think

Many years ago. I asked myself what other type of photography service i can challenge myself. I got an adventurous personality. I like something that is challenging, a tough job that not many photographers would want to do. Yet, the money is good. The solution came up no later, it was the industrial photography i wish to take on.


Our thoughts processes are intimately connected to the physical world. The mind can affect physical reality. Back then, i was thinking how can i jumped into industrial photography. With no portfolio to show, i knew i have to head out to make some pictures for a start. I need to show the world my vision of the industrial sector.

So i headed out, take note of where are the possible sites for me to capture some industrial photography pictures. I study what is the best timing to take the picture, observe what is happening on the site that may continue on the following day.

Each day i was telling myself in mind, “i want to do industrial photography work, i want to do industrial photography.” It become a repetitive process, even on bed before i sleep each night i was still thinking about it. Talk about developing the subconscious. At that point of time i didn’t even have a clue what is mind power about.

I’ve unintentionally continued to repeat the whole process; scout for a site, make picture, edit, tell myself i want to do industrial photography, repeat. I finally accumulated some pictures i am pleased with, posted it up on my website, blog about it.

The 3 pictures below were the result that landed me my first contract for an industrial development later.

If you refuse to speak about your work. Nobody will know you.

Living An Adventurous Life

Don’t turn your life into a habit of comfort.

Challenge yourself to scale greater height.

Don’t be content in what you have, as you can always live better than yesterday.

My newly found mantra.

I have to admit here. I dislike conformity, is too stagnant. Because of my personality trait, i am more of an outdoor person, i don’t dislike challenge that is physical. I can’t be the typical 8-5 working lifestyle. A rush of adrenaline makes me feel my life is worth living for. That is why photographer is the best job.

Portrait of a Japanese worker on board the vessel, working inside a boiler room.

Sometimes i deem ‘dangerous’ photo shoot as an adventure. To obtain certain type of picture, hard work and time are required. I need to strongly emphasis danger in a safe way without throwing away your precious life. Don’t live in stupidity.

Am not sure about you, i had a few close shaved encounters that i almost went up to meet my maker.

  • I was caught in a sand storm in a rural part of Great Wall of China. I nearly fell 5 storeys down.
  • During my parachute jump, i landed on airplane field instead of the designated spot, unfortunately my parachute was blown open by the wind, i almost ended up inside the concrete drain which can cause serious damage on my body.
  • I was asked to go up an industrial oil tank staircase, the steps were unstable, missing steps as well. In the end i managed to went up and get the job done. After the incident, pondering about the safety issue all night. I swear never get into such dangerous situation again.

Capturing the interior of an industrial oil tank during the test phase. If i did not took the dangerous staircase up, i may not have capture this magical scene.

Overall i have lots of adventurous experience which i never regret, yes i may get hurt if am not careful. Safety is always my priority. If i sense any danger that threaten my life, i say NO. Been adventurous and stupidity is two very different situation.

Lifted up by the crane, station inside a cage out in the sea for industrial documentation photography work. It was fun commanding the operator to change direction wherever i wanted. 

We only got one life – live adventurous, live with happiness, live with meaning.

Am going to live for another day!