Meeting New People in Work

An email came in.

“We need you to go xxx place to meet with Mr/Ms zzz for a photo session for our editorial work. Are you able to do it at this time and date, deliver by this date?”

Oh yeah, this is the type of work that i enjoyed. I received many last minute request in the past when i was doing editorial work. I usually will agree to it unless i got a job planned ahead.

Rather than working photography as a job. It was more of a fun adventure for me, the opportunity to meet a new person, visiting places that is not accessible to public eyes, all these reasons excite me. Over time i realize i was actually doing an environmental portraits on location.

In 2010, this (left) was one of my first environmental portrait photography for an editorial work in Singapore. 

Only a flashlight mounted on camera was used.


Whenever i reach a new location, ring up the person i am going to meet with, exchange pleasantry. Breaking the ice is very important, it can be quite nerving wrecking for the person to meet a photographer for the first time to have their picture taken quickly. These people i met are not a professional model or having their portrait picture taken frequently. I usually will ask the person to show me where are their working area and share with me any nice environment for a photo session. In-between the walk, i have a few questions to ask them about their work to get to know my subject better. This is a way to make them more relax, let them know i am Mr. Friendly.




Environmental Portrait of an engineer inside an aircraft manufacturing factory







Depending on my subject’s schedule. I usually have 30 mins to 2 hours with my subject. I don’t bring an assistant for a short period, no point bringing huge bags of lights to do set-up, which will be a kill of time. I also need to offer a variety of pictures for the clients to select. I need to prepare myself really quickly to familiarize of their working environment. I will bring a tripod in case i want to stabilize my camera while i can communicate with my subject.

Once i had found a suitable background or position. I will start to give some art directions, telling the person what i want. I don’t need them to deliberate pose, i usually demonstrate simple poses for them to follow, also considering the type of attire they are wearing. Make use of the props such as books, laptop, and files if needed if the person is uncomfortable standing or sitting down for a picture. If possible i would also try to portray the environment they are working if the place is neat.

Regarding the lighting – direct flash can be harsh in a controlled environment, rather than directly firing the flashlight on the subject. I will turn my flash head to a certain angle and have the light bounce it off the wall or ceiling to create a softer tone.




Portrait picture of a radiographer in a healthcare environment







I will also include the company name or branding of the places (2 pictures below) that i am working at, especially when client emphasize it for their requirement. Many years down the road, this became a good habit for me to include branding in the pictures whenever possible.

After so many years of environmental or editorial photography. I am still intrigued today to meet new people such as business owner, CEO and celebrities. I loved to hear more about their job, their thinking about work. There is always a new knowledge to take back home each day. Or even a new friendship.


My Editorial lifestyle portrait photography has a wide variety such as
-Senior management
-Doctor/Engineer/Architect etc

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Travel Collection – 3 in Sri Racha

How i learnt about Sri Racha was back in 2007, i was still learning the rope of the photography industry, more interested in the commercial aspect. I was asked to assist a photographer who is going to have an assignment in Thailand. It was my first time going to Thailand, was very excited about it at that point of time. Later i learnt we were going to Sri Racha to work for a few days. Where the hell is that??? That was then my first intro to the subdistrict town in the eastern part of the country.

Many years later, back in 2011 (has it been so long already). I travelled back to the less crowded town to pay a visit to my local friend. I took the opportunity to wander around as a tourist, more chill not too focus on making pictures. I did later transformed into a photographer mode and start my ‘hunt’.

Portrait of a local kid

Portrait of a local boy

Portrait of a young girl

Even thought my three subjects are children, i still treat them with respectful manner, more funky approach as well. Bear in mind good manner will influence others to be courteous and polite as well.

I approached each of them with a friendly smile, and with my fascinating broken Thai language, hand gesture was more universal at that point of time. Trying to engage with the kid for a while before i try to take pictures. I usually visualise how i want the picture to turn out, rather than pondering about how to compose the picture. Because i am not in a controlled environment, i never know what is going to happen next, the kid can suddenly dash off , or the parent calling for them. Is better for me to do it asap than been draggy, if the child still hang around, i can continue to take more pictures.

One tips to get their smile, is  to show the children their pictures on the LCD screen, they love it, their smile will appear if they did not smile initially. This method never goes wrong for me so far. Once that smile break open, quickly capture more pictures while they are smiling from the heart. You got yourself some great pictures.

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Singapore Industrial Photography Service

Last year C.A.P. was approached by Jason Marine Group to do a video documentation of product training for their specific staffs. After accessing the details and submitting quotation. We were given the green light to proceed for this assignment. It was a great opportunity to document behind the scene training in an actual industrial environment.

Industrial photography is one of the toughest job in commercial photography. There are many situations surrounding the work environment, if one is not alert or focus, the chance of getting injure is at risk. Hence the emphasis of safety is utterly most important in any industrial environment.

The trainer flew in from overseas to do a demon to the local engineers.

Everyone was in attention because of the noisy environment as work on other parts of ship was in progress.

C.A.P. professional videographer filming during the training brief.

In conference room for theory discussion.

Day 2, the local engineers getting hands on with the guidance of the product’s trainer.

Space is always constrain in a ship, videographer filming a wide shot of the trainer.

Trainer together with the engineer working on the installation.

Limited head room for comfort.

End of the day, a portrait of the trainer for all his handwork put in.

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Capture Asia industrial photography service consists documentation of;
Workers working at Construction Site
Chemical Plant
Oil Vessel/Oil Rig
Engineering work
Heavy industries
Documentation of development of site monthly from 2-5years

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Abstract Architecture

I’ll recently invested in a new lens product, the Canon 17mm TS lens. Constantly using this awesome lens for the past month, capture plenty of interior assignment and architecture exploration. Finally no more adjustment of curved lines or distortion from exterior and interior in photoshop. Simply love it to be in vertical straightness, from my camera.

Last weekend i went to National University School (NUS) for location scouting, possible future personal projects there in future. I was wandering around this prodigious campus, getting myself off track a bit hopefully to spot something interesting. Walking around the back of the blocks does have it very own surprise sometimes. I bump into this stairway in a curve shape, reminds me of a half moon during the dark night. It has this rectangular opening in-between the wall looking from the outside. I took a picture of it risking to get horned by passing vehicle, but the result was irrelevant as the weather was totally like a white piece of blank sheet stick on the sky.

Turned around to the stairs and was greeted by this an opening which reminds me of a Samsung curved UHD 3D smart led television. I would have placed a tall chair, sit right there to enjoy the panorama experience. It was uncomplicated yet alluring.

As i climbed further up around the circular staircase. I was greeted by the lines and gentle curve of it.

Overall is like exploring a piece of art in public. I took a few more photographs of the surrounding and posted it up in my architecture photography gallery. Feel free to check out the remaining series.

Air pollution in Beijing

We have been reading news of Beijing suffering from air pollutions in recent years. Latest report indicate that there is a drop of China’s tourism since the smog takes toll. China has seen sharply fewer tourists in 2013 due to the worsening of air pollution, partly to blame for themselves.

Water and air pollution from factories and cars is the outcome of successful economic development. It is difficult to control because it is different or politically infeasible to identify responsible parties. Excuses?

I visited Beijing back in 2009 during Oct period. It was good a year after the 2008 summer Olympics. The air was clean, the sky was blue most of the time, simply beautiful. Admired at various sightseeing location to capture many wonderful Beijing travel photography images. Below am going to share the beautiful outdoor scenery i came across with unforgettable memory.

I wouldn’t mind going back to Beijing for further visit in future, but judging from the current condition and very little effort by the people to curb the pollution situation. I guess the smog is going to hover on the sky for a very long time.

Earth Hour 2013

Earth Hour is here once again. A meaningful world wide started by World Wide Federation, currently an international event to raise social awareness of climate change since 2006 that kick started from Sydney, Australia. Everyone plays a part in making the world a better place, the ability to change the world we’re currently live in. Is encouraging to see business around the globe turned off their lights for an hour to save an abundance of energy. Long term commitment is the crucial key for a desirable future sustainability.

This year Earth Hour on 23rd March 2013 is located at The Floated @ Marina Bay. Feel free to join in the event to educate yourself of energy saving and what individual can do to make it happen. It will be a good picture opportunity for people who are into photography of such event in the public. Last year i documented the outdoor event for WWF Singapore, images was later put up on the website for archival purposes. Below is a series of pictures i capture, print screen from their website for your viewing.

Feel free to visit Capture Asia Earth Hour gallery for the full series.

Do encourage your friends and relatives to switch off the light for 1 hour, maybe light up a candle to slightly brighten up your surrounding. Have a thought about the importance of energy conservation. Is really not so bad after all. Hope to see many supporters at The Floating platform then.

Have a great weekend!

Vesak day with the Burmese community

The Burmese community in Singapore doesn’t make up a large portion as compare to other such as China, Philippines, Indonesia and India.

I understand Burmese main religion faith is Buddhism. I decide to spend my day at the Burmese Buddhist Temple to have a glimpse of the event on Vesak Day.

I was surprised by the number of people pouring into the temple for the prayer. Regardless of which temple it is.

There were plenty of Burmese volunteers offering drink, ice-cream and food for the public to feed on. Sharing is caring. I never see any of the volunteers have a feeling of hard work, it was smile all over the place. Am glad i came to the right place to do my photography.

The volunteer from Burmese were cooking non stop to share the delicious food with the devotees visiting the Burmese temple.

Inside the temple, the Burmese monks had their busiest day of their year. Chanting for everyone who wish to be bless. They “worked” relentless on behalf of the Buddha.

Buddha is our life teacher, even after he passed away for more than 2500 years. his teaching has been spread profusely all over the world. I kneeled before the great one in the hall, sense he is there for us, constantly teaching and reminding us about life.

Project – A Day Without Vehicle

Road transportation is one of the biggest form of pollution in the world. Hence contributing to poor air condition, change of climate, noise pollution, daily congestion and sometimes, even hazard to the pedestrians.

Let me share some vehicles pollution facts.

– Car produce carbon monoxide that will pollute the air, water and land.

– China and United States produce close to half of the world’s carbon dioxide.

– Damage of ozone layer is caused by the vehicles traveling on road.

– The air particles within a hundred yards or on big streets are filled with harmful particles that affect the health.

I have traveled to quite a number of countries in Southeast Asia, witnessing the continuous hectic traffic in some of the metropolitan city. Starting from the peak period in the morning extend till night. The dust and noise cause humidness and stickness that affect our body.

The objective of these images, which is also a vision, one day. The world would have a non-driving day impose by the government. A day of noise free, cleaner air for us to take in.

It took me about a year to complete the whole project. I looked out for various location that suits my vision of this project. Roads/expressways that are daily swarming with vehicles, yet with the additional greenery surrounding it. I digitally removed the vehicles for the final effect i wanted.

Am not against the driving of car, it is a form of luxury and easy mode of transportation from one place to another. I hope the world would move quickly into electric cars, hybrid cars. By selecting a greener vehicle, you can make a different for our mother earth.