Using 17mm Tilt-Shift lens in construction photography

Bringing a 17mm tilt shift lens into a construction site for work does carry certain risk. As you can see in the picture below, the lens element is protruding out unlike most of the lenses. The curve surface easily attracts more dust particles onto it. It does not comes with lens hood when purchase. I think there is a third part lens hood for it.

Yes i bring this expensive lens to construction location for industrial photography work since 2015. Although this awesome lens is mainly used for architecture and interior photography. I bring it a step further by utilising this lens in the industrial sector.  The days of converging picture are gone forever. Using this lens to shoot tower crane for example.

Less foreground and having a better perspective. 

As you can see on the above pictures, all the key subject is straight. These images will make your picture presentation stand out among the rest! Is really worth the investment to purchase this lens.

Kindly make a comment if you have any question, or just to say Hi.

Tall Buildings in Singapore

Recently on my Instagram, i’ve posted a series of high buildings in Singapore with over 200m tall. Capture these using a Canon camera, 17mm TS and a 70-200mm f4 lens. I love exploration and documentation series of pictures, is a great chance for me to do what i love.

Let's check out some of the tall buildings in Singapore Marina Bay Suites. Height is 227 metres. 🏢 66 floors. Am unable to show the tip of the building roof due to instagram sizing. 😵😵😵 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #city_explore #tallbuilding #skyscraping_architecture #skyline #ig_great_pics #ig_worldclub #ig_world #unlimitedcities #world_shotz #worldbestgram #ig_great_shots #tv_buildings #rustlord_archdesign #rustlord_cityview #icu_architecture #singaporeinsiders #yoursingapore #exploresingapore #singaporeig #sginstagram #architecturelovers #ic_architecture #archdaily #captureasiaphotography #singaporearchitecturephotographer #marinabaysuites #kohnpedersenfox #skyscraper #condominium #lookingup_architecture

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Next in line of tall buildings in Singapore is AXA Tower, formerly known as Temasek Tower. One of the tallest cylindrical building in the world. Height is 235 metres. 🏢 52 floors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #city_explore #tallbuilding #skyscraping_architecture #bluesky #ig_great_pics #ig_worldclub #ig_world #unlimitedcities #world_shotz #worldbestgram #ig_great_shots #tv_buildings #rustlord_archdesign #rustlord_cityview #icu_architecture #singaporeinsiders #sgarchitecture #exploresingapore #singaporeig #sginstagram #architecturelovers #ic_architecture #splash_oftheworld #captureasiaphotography #singaporearchitecturephotographer #skyscraping_magic #skyscraper #pocket_architecture #lookingup_architecture #epic_architecture

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Really appreciate all the LOVES!!

Winning architecture photo competition in Singapore

Am extremely humble to be one of the many winners of SkyVille@Dawson photo compeition organized by WOHA. I never thought i would have win anything, my objective was to document some really fantastic pictures from various angles and lighting i had observed, post it up in my Instagram account and particpate in the competition.

WOHA is Singapore famous international architect firm behind the design of SkyVille@Dawson. WOHA has also designed many projects that can be seen by the public, naming a few are, Park Royal Hotel at Pickering street, School of the Arts Singapore, Stadium MRT station, Crowne Plaza Changi Airport.

Below are my three winning image and clips created by WOHA instagram. You can check out the pictures in my instagram as well.

Selected for “Most Powerful Story”

Selected for “Most Powerful Image”

Selected for “Best Photographer”

I did not study architecture for a living, my knowledge of architecture is very limited. But belt with more than 10 years of photography experience. My approach towards architecture photography was to capture the essence, in the most profound way from various angles. Spend time to study it, repitive journeys – till i have the feel to “interact” with the architecture.

There is a proverb saying “Less is more”. With one picture, relating the entire story in a single frame, it is very empowering especially in photojournalism, street photography, landscape etc. However, for architecture, there are many way to showcase the building. Using different ideas to compose it, i can opt for a symmetrical format if the design allows, using a long lens to shoot details, using a tilt shift lens to capture is amazing as seeing the building in a non converging manner etc. So you see, there is almost no dead end to it quality if one can see the possibilities out of it. A building is not just a piece of concrete block placed there for it’s usage purpose. But people living and working in it, generate useful ideas to create a better world.

Architecture of Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Singapore finally had a natural museum! Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum is located at NUS. This museum strives to be a leader in Southeast Asian biodiversity – in research, education and outreach. The architect is Mok Wei Wei from W-Architects Pte Ltd

Witnessing it progress for several months since late last year, the building finally takes shape. Through the news to learn that the museum is open to public. I took time off and headed down to photograph the musuem. Here are some of the pictures during the evening time.

Singapore Industrial Photography Service

Last year C.A.P. was approached by Jason Marine Group to do a video documentation of product training for their specific staffs. After accessing the details and submitting quotation. We were given the green light to proceed for this assignment. It was a great opportunity to document behind the scene training in an actual industrial environment.

Industrial photography is one of the toughest job in commercial photography. There are many situations surrounding the work environment, if one is not alert or focus, the chance of getting injure is at risk. Hence the emphasis of safety is utterly most important in any industrial environment.

The trainer flew in from overseas to do a demon to the local engineers.

Everyone was in attention because of the noisy environment as work on other parts of ship was in progress.

C.A.P. professional videographer filming during the training brief.

In conference room for theory discussion.

Day 2, the local engineers getting hands on with the guidance of the product’s trainer.

Space is always constrain in a ship, videographer filming a wide shot of the trainer.

Trainer together with the engineer working on the installation.

Limited head room for comfort.

End of the day, a portrait of the trainer for all his handwork put in.

View my various Singapore Industrial Photography Service

Capture Asia industrial photography service consists documentation of;
Workers working at Construction Site
Chemical Plant
Oil Vessel/Oil Rig
Engineering work
Heavy industries
Documentation of development of site monthly from 2-5years

That’s the end, do let me know what you wish to see in the near future, do leave a comment on how to improve this blog or if you like it.

Interior Photography in Singapore

Recently i did an Interior Photography shoot for a client’s boutique shop in Orchard road, Singapore. For the interior shoot am using a Canon 5D MII and a 16-35 MK II lens, no additional lightings were added as i only got an hour to shoot the shop before operation started. Most of the time i prefer to shoot in ambience lighting condition. Most of the time photographer will not be given a luxury of time to shoot, but using the skill and experience accumulated over the years to get the best images commercially for the client’s portfolio.

Below are some of the selected images covered.

For more interior images feel free to check out my Interior Photography Galleries.

Singapore Corporate Photography promotion for 2014 by Capture Asia

Is been a while since the last blog was updated. Am back with a piece of good news for 2014. Starting January to 1st April 2014 Capture Asia is running a Corporate Photography promotion.

For individual who wish to update their new look or profile in 2014. This is the best time to kick start a new work year with new update of picture. Am going to share a few ideas how you can fully maximize your picture usage.

1. A welcoming profile picture on your business card when giving it to your potential client.
2. Usage on business website if you are running your own business, it would be a great to show end users who is the boss/director managing the business.
3. A professional profile image on your social media platform such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Blog etc.
4. Clean look when submitting application for a new job, especially important for fresh graduates who is starting a new life in the work force.
5. A front profile image for passport size photo usage in future.

Usual rate:
-45min session
-All soft images return
-Images download from website with secure password on the next day
-Choose 2 images for final editing

Promotion rate:
-45min session
-All soft images return
-Images download from website with secure password on the next day
-Choose 3 pictures for final editing
$120 (20% discount)

Additional promotion rate:
-For only first 5 clients that write a testimonial regarding service after the photo shoot will receive an addition 5% discount.
-$112.5 (Total 25% discount)

This exclusive promotion is applicable for all corporate client who is interested. Promotion is only applicable only on weekday from 10am-5pm. Photo shoot will be done in a studio against a white background. For a bit more variety, recommend client to bring at least 2 outfits for the shoot. Make-up artist is not included unless stated.

The direction of the shoot will be a very clean, sleek and professional look. A welcoming smile and confident posture will instantly generate ‘Likes’. First impression is very important. Hence making you look really in front of the camera is the photographer’s job. Photographer Ricky Gui had capture hundreds of corporate portraits in Asia for the past 7 years. Ensuring the best quality to you, nothing less.

For enquiry/booking of date, you can email through Capture Asia’s website.