Tree House Residents Condominium

2 weeks back, i decided to make a detour and had a long walk over to Tree House Residents to do aerial and architecture photography. This is one very special condominium in the western part of Singapore that truly captivates me. As the world is sounding out for the care of the environment. The architects can do their part by designing building with an environmental substainability in mind.

Below images series, you can witness the lush view of the vertical sky garden, more than just a structure to live into. We all should know that having greenery in the living space will reduce carbon footprint, by filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide in the air we breathe. Not only that, greenwalls can decrease the temperature by 3 to 7 degree celcius, especially Singapore is a tropical climate all year round, the function of greenwalls is much needed. Typically for most housing in Singapore, blank walls will trap heat. Hence you can see there is plants along the coridoors in the estate.

Talking about saving money in your wallet, it has energy saving of 15%-30% for the 48 west facing master bedroom that are insulated by the vertica greenery, how cool is that!

This award winning residences also won many top awards even before completion, also deem as the world’s largest vertical garden as well in the Guinness World Record book.

Ironically, nature give us so much, yet we have taken so much without return. That is why tree planting is also very important, this must be practice throughout the existence of mankind.