About Ricky Gui and Capture Asia Photography

My name is Ricky Gui. I discover my passion for photography back in 2002 when digital photography during this period starts to emerge. I was enjoying photography as a hobby. Inspired by Nike tagline “Just Do It”. I left my well-paid job in 2006, pursue my interest as a professional photographer. Started Capture Asia Photography, over the years accumulated a wealth of photography experience from various assignments hired by several clients around the world.

Commercially, specialise in Architecture, Corporate, Industrial, Interior and Portrait photography.

My approach of photography is lean towards environmental condition to reflect the actual situation. Observing each new place before taking great pictures, this is to condition myself to understand how the environment operate, or human persona. These attributes are mainly detail in picture and patient. Highly adjustable to change of art direction in order to assist client’s requirement.

In my personal free time, i explored around the island to capture the ever changing cityscape and personal projects. Also travel around various asia countries to do travel photography to sell travel stock pictures.

His life purpose as a photographer is to create engaging and humanity photographs to inspire mankind to love our beautiful planet.


2 thoughts on “About Ricky Gui and Capture Asia Photography

  1. Even I share a similar interest in travel and photography. Made a switch from a full time career to travel photography and am looking for assignments at the moment. You have a nice blog here. I recently visited Bangkok/ Pattaya and have put up posts on my blog. You may want to compare notes – http://www.bhavenjani.wordpress.com.

    Wish you all the best in your work.
    cheers, Bhaven

    1. HI Bhaven, keep shooting what you passionate about. I will definitely check out your Pattaya write up as am planning a trip there during late Nov.

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