A Photography Project – Wonder Full

I finally feel ready to share my latest personal project, Wonder Full. Which started 2 years ago.

Let me run a little background
Wonder Full is a laser show at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The show makes its debut in 2011, a free 13-minute light and water show, on the platform at Marina Bay Sands, visitors got the chance to see the water fountain, a visual projection against water-screens and lasers to create an awesome effect. The best part was (which i just found out), on top of a building was installed with a six high-powered lasers that can be seen up to 55 km away. That explains why i can see it from my living area.

Back in 2015, i was surprised to discover the green laser emits out from Marina Bay Sands can reach such a far distance to my house area in the western part of Singapore.

The sight of the green laser jump-start a new idea. I wanted to document the beauty of the laser ‘dancing’ from various locations in the western part of Singapore. I started my usual scouting process to find accessible high-rise building near my home. Checking out where is the potential spot i can capture the laser scene. Once i had confirmed the position that allowed to place a tripod. I would return the next night with my gears to capture the scene.


The discovery turns out to be an adventurous photographic project that leads me to explore new places. I try to make quality pictures when i have the time, i wanted to see how the laser light perform from a different point of view. In total, i have created 13 images in different locations. I was eagerly waiting for some new high-rise building to be completed, waiting for the right opportunity to capture a new scene. Unfortunately, good things never last long. While i was still exploring new location in mid-2017, i learned that a new light and water show titled Spectra took over. I was saddened not to see the laser light dancing in the night.

Check out Wonder Full in my gallery. I hope you like it from the various point of view.

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