Architecture Photography of AXA Tower in Singapore

AXA Tower is a commercial building in Singapore that is designed in a curved shape instead of the standard linear. The round shape building may also offer a 360-degree view around the area. I don’t think the public is allowed to access, even myself have never taken a lift up there for a job, less the chance to check out the view. The building is very unique standing on it own, i have seen some visitors stop for a second look or have a picture taken.

You can read more about AXA Tower in Wikipedia.

According to Wiki, AXA Tower is considered a skyscraper. But with the low-flying aircraft on Singapore’s sky, the construction of a tall building is bounded by height limitation. So, i did a bit more research to find out how high a skyscraper is supposed to be? In today context, a building with 40-50 floors is already considered a skyscraper! While i thought skyscraper needs to be as tall as Taipei 101 building. AXA Tower has 52 floors. All along there was a skyscraper there for over decades before more tall buildings arise nearby.

Multiple steps to one of the entrance that is facing the south

A more detail scene, i love how the shadow imprint itself in the inner surrounding. Is rare to have a very good blue day in Singapore, but the weather can be rather scorching.

This scene was captured in 2017, i always have this explorer’s spirit to move around, working on a subject for a very long-term. Always hoping to find the most suitable lighting to get the best picture.

This picture was captured in 2015 in the morning. The building on the right is currently the tallest building in Singapore, yes another skyscraper!

This is an iconic architecture to me in Singapore. Because the commercial building is located in the business district, not a lot of tourists will wander there for a walk.

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