Stunning Sunset in Singapore

This beautiful blast of sunset happens on 22 Aug 2017.

Is been a while since i make pictures in the evening, i told myself i got to do this once a week. But i was busy with other important matter. Anyway, i went up to one of the high blocks i know of on the 38th storey. I wanted to create more pictures facing south, from the corner of the block before it is covered off by a metal shade to block the specular view of the city. I already knew the sky is heavily cloudy, but this is the last chance to do it and i got to give it a go without having regrets later. Unfortunately, i did not get a single image i like due to the construction of the shade, and also the bad weather. But..

Earlier on as i was preparing my tripod, the western part of Singapore caught my eye from a limited sight of view. The sky, seems to be in burning in flame. It was an absolute stunner (reminds me of Stone Cold Steve Austin). The sky hue is deeply saturated as the sunset was in progress. I knew i can get a full view of the sunset on the other block down the road. but that would be another 8-10 mins walk and preparation, that magical moment would be long gone by then. I know i can’t take that risk to rush out and head to another block. I think hard what can i do? I recalled the corner of this block i may see more of the landscape. I quickly charged down to the other end, pushed opened the door, double steps down the stairs and set up everything in a fumble.


Quick chimp

Adjust composition


And so on…

I think i got the most stunning view of the sunset in Singapore. 

I thought, “while the Americans were thrilled over the recent eclipse. I am in another part of the world to witness another miracle.” I still wish i was on the other block, but i can’t complain. It is meant to happen this way.

This was the spot i placed my tripod, the block in the center of the picture was the better location, but i can’t risk it because i am sure i won’t be able to make it in time. Unless i am a Spider-man.

Coincidentally 22nd Aug 2017 marks the beginning of the seventh month in the lunar calendar. In Chinese tradition, the beginning of the Ghost Festival for a month, the hell gate is open, ghosts or spirits came out from the lower realm to visit the living. This is a traditional Buddhist and Taoist festival held in Asian countries.

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