Writing a photography blog

Dear reader,

After blogging a bit more consistently for a few months. I realize blogging is not an easy work when getting serious about it. I need to spend at least 2-3 hours to finish a post, usually with less than 1000 words. My blog is mainly about my Singapore company photography service, sharing the process of the commercial photography aspect, my personal thoughts on photography, storytelling of pictures, travel photography in Asia etc.

We blog for a various reason. Sharing useful contents, updating information, documenting a personal diary or posting visual art for the cyber world readers. The positive thing about blogging is we are not restricted to write a whole range of topic of anything in this world, there is no limit at all. As long the blog post is useful and helpful to anyone who is searching for any specific blog to read and discover.

I realize one of the benefits of blogging allows me to develop my sentence structure and grammar, develop my own style of writing. I also rather write the key points than going about a long boring story. I am pretty bad at writing all these years. Rather than seeing it as an obstacle, i see blogging as an opportunity to improve my language skill. Is important to put me constantly in the learning process. If we stop growing, life would be dull.

Good news! Blogging makes me think a bit smarter, write with a purpose in mind. I aim to be the most searchable commercial photographer on the internet. I got no idea when can that happen, but i know if i keep blogging good contents. I can achieve my goal one day. If you have any advice about improving my blogging skill and ranking, please let me know.

In the long run through blogging. Not only i want to achieve my ranking goal on the internet. I also want to empower more hobbyist to improve their interest in photography Рsuch as offering photography tips and advice to improve their skill. Photography is a skill that requires many years of experience to be really good at it, constant feedback is needed for improvement. I would encourage you to drop me a message to check out your work.

Thanks for reading!