Photographing a modern office interior in Singapore

I was recommended by a friend back in 2016 to help her friend new office for some work. Throughout the work later, the client and i were discussing interior photography for this newly set-up company based in Singapore. The executive director of the company has the passion for photography as well in another genre. So he more or less understands how photography work. I was happy he decided to hire me for their interior photography pictures.

I was tasked to capture the entire modern office interior – from the working area to the pantry and the reception area. Even though i had been to the office once for other work. I went back for a scouting trip in the office to better understand the design structure and lighting condition in a different timing. This allows me to pre-visualize the scene better when i am doing the photo shoot on an actual day in the given time.

I went into the office really early at 8 am, before the daily operation work begins. The first scene we had discussed via email was to capture the main office area before the working personnel starts to come in. The objective was to portray a clean look without anyone inside the picture.

For the first scene shot. The modern office area was naturally quite bright because the office window was huge. The window has sticker of small dots converge to big dots. Sorts of like generating a small idea to a big dream. There is also a row of small greenery plants to rest the fatigue eye, another wonderful design element to include into my composition. I like how the overhead light is flushed in on the top – the light brightness is fairly soft, perfect for the eyes for productive work. Overall this presents a great interior office picture for my client.

Next i proceed to the conference or meeting room to create some pictures. This is one of the most important places in the company where lots of decision making was made. The meeting room has a really fantastic view of the outside from the very top floor. The challenge is to balance the ambiance light from the outside scene and artificial light for the indoor, all together. My camera won’t be able to perfectly expose the scene i wanted in mind, there is the 2nd part of work to be done in the editing part to make it even better. This was the best scene i like, capturing it in a symmetrical format to show a form a line of discipline

The pantry here is totally different from what i have seen. This company invests well in pantry design. This area looks absolutely cozy to relax a busy mind, can do light chatting about work, or even generating exciting ideas! I totally love the pocket of red popping out from various location. I did various scenes in this pantry as well, and this picture was one of my favorites. Oh ya it even has a television as well, which i seldom see it in office pantry.

Finally is the reception, waiting area. In this picture, i made use of the vertical line as the leading line to view the rest of the design space. I did the editing of the logo as it was reflective of the outside light.

For all the pictures, i hide everything i could in all the scenes. I have already informed them to keep the place clean, keep individual desk super neat. On the day of the photo shoot, i will rearrange the desk, chairs, computers, hide the cables, and reposition or remove a certain object that is obstructive. I love challenging new scene that i never encountered before, it simply pushes my visual skill to the next level. I also take note of various small details that make a full picture more complete. Lastly, i always want to justify the design and space of the office to its best design.

You can view these set of pictures in my interior photography gallery as well