Afro Asia Building

I just learned about the destiny of an old Singapore architecture built in 1950s, Afro Asia Building, one of the oldest office building that stood still among the modernize architecture along Robinsons Road in Singapore.

The news mentioned Afro Asia building may be demolished later in 2017, and redevelop it into a 19-storey high with offices, food and beverage outlets and a rooftop garden.

Surrounding buildings towering over Afro Asia Building capture in 2015

In the media statement, Mr Hideto Kawakami, deputy general manager of Shimizu Corporation said: “For the new development, we will be bringing in the latest eco-friendly designs and state of the art technology from Japan to meet the future needs of commercial occupiers. They can expect flexible and efficient prime space with a modern touch that will accommodate the latest and future working trends.”

While capturing the photos of architecture, the frontal design of Afra Asia. A ray of light pierces through the thick cloud to shower a gleam of colorful rays, most people thought the ray was a trick work from photoshop. I thought it was such a truly magical moment to capture this in camera.

A more close up picture of the building, i also noticed MPH bookstore has already moved out when i went for a walk last weekend. For many months I wanted to capture the side of the building facade, but the road has been blocked for a very long time for construction service.

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