Giving Out More

I got to quickly share this two wonderful things i did the other day.

First wonderful thing

I have been visiting this printer vendor for over a decade, this vendor print very excellent photos in my opinion. It has never once disappointed me. The other day i was thinking about my time with them, besides the usual words of “thank you”. I have never thought of more. If am only focusing on my needs, i may think that giving more is expected to be unfair.

I wanted to print some pictures for a logistic client as a gift. I visited my vendor, sent in the digital files, made my way out to run other errands before picking up the prints later. Because i really appreciate their effort in making such great prints each time, and i can be a difficult customer sometimes. Suddenly i have this thought of getting something nice for my vendor, i truly appreciate their patience and to meet my demand. Perhaps a pastry? I guess no girls hate pastry from what i know so far.  I decided to get them this 2 huge delicious cream puff after contemplating. I know of a popular pastry cafe no too far away as well.

Later in the afternoon when i headed back to the shop, i saw one of the ladies was eating instant cup noodles. I said “Why are you eating cup noodles?” i thought the timing was perfect, i immediately took out the box of cream puffs and put it on the table for them. I was delighted to see how happy she was.

Second wonderful thing

My previous blog mention about logistic photography for an overseas client. 2 months down the road, the local client i shot for, we struck another business deal. Luckily is a less painful negotiation. I offer them free usage rights, the director of the company purchased 30 images, i help to select some photos for their business usages to meet the numbers, i also put in 2 free images, a total of 32 images. I was paid very quickly in the following week. Both parties are happy with the final deal. Everyone loves a win-win.

So, i wanted to do more than what is required. I wanted to go the extra mile. One of the reason is i really appreciate the staffs came back on a public holiday for the photo shoot due to operation reason. Also, the director of the company was open and accommodating to my ideas during the pre-shoot discussion. So, whoever staffs i work with on the day of the photo shoot, i wanted to make sure each of them received a copy of a print.

After i received the prints, i put the director’s picture in my limited edition 5R photo frame. Put it in a nice gift box, put in the remaining 4R prints for each staff. Straight away i headed off to the company, without fixing an appointment with the director, because my intention was to pass the gift box to her staff and head off for my next schedule. Later the director dropped me a message, mentioning that i beat her to it because she wanted to print out the photos as well. And she even mentioned i chosen her favorite picture, great mind thinks alike.

Regardless of vendor or client, i have exceeded myself a little bit more. If they feel good or happy about it, so am i.

Rather than focusing on how to get more, focus on how to give more. 


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