Cause & Effect of a Photographer


#1 I love the action of physically holding a camera to take pictures for my enjoyment, whether is work or personal. The free will to create pictures in whichever way i want is a self-expression of what i wish to create for my personal work. This is something that i remain passionate about after more than 10 years.

#2 When i take pictures for work, it is a professional service to offer client’s picture solution. I believe there are at least thousand of client out there, lots of opportunities in this world that requires quality pictures, the usage of the image are mainly for the company material for whichever reasons. The fun part of this job is i always get to visit different venues that are not accessible to the public, example i can embark on an oil vessel, lift up by a boom lift to have a bird’s eye view, access to high tech area, and even speak to different people. How cool is that!

#3 I have flexible hours to work on personal pictures, personal work gives me more of a therapy treatment. I feel at peace and calm. Even more, freedom. No brief to abide, I can do whatever i want with a sense of the next big adventure. To be an artist, creating my breed of art.


#1 I hate marketing, i was never trained in marketing when i started out as a photographer. It took me too many painful years to learn the rope. Pure dry work. I wonder is there anyone out there truly love marketing as a job?

#2 Am a lone ranger out there in the world of chaotic society, am running on a sole-proprietorship. My “office” is wherever there are excellent Wi-Fi connection and a quiet environment. If not at home editing client’s pictures. I got no one to share with about generating new ideas. Honestly am bored to death been alone. I become an introvert and extrovert.

#3 I only get paid when am been hired. Very sadly been a freelancer. I got no health benefit, no year-end bonus, no product discount, no annual company dinner, no company trip.

#4 Client don’t stay forever, people are moving around frequently for better pay job. I find it tough to maintain a relationship with most of my clients. For example, if a company change boss, is a 50% chance i will get “fire”.

Don’t see my effect as a complain. The reality is what it is. There will always be room for improvement.

My pain and pleasure sum it all above for now.

Thanks for reading and do comment.


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