My Workflow On Corporate Photography

How do i work on Corporate Photography, my way!

Basically there will be enquiry made. I either talked on the phone or through email with the potential client. Once the fee for my corporate photography service is successfully agreed upon. I will request to do a scouting at the client’s office to understand their office surrounding. This is also an opportunity to build rapport with the client on the ground rather than communicating through the phone or email. Unless the point of contact is not based here, which always happened.

The day before the photo shoot, all logistic must be prepared and tested. I will also hired an assistant in advance depending on the scale of the project, time and budget given.

On shoot day, i will be on location an hour or 30 mins earlier to prepare. When the shoot commence. I will introduce myself to the person i am going to work with. Shake hand, ask for the name of the person so i can communicate better when directing for poses.

I will give specific instruction to the person to either stand or sit, depending on the client’s brief. I have a designated spot for my subject to position, also clearly brief the person what is expected, and also share how the picture is going to turn out; i want the person to have an idea what is going to happen.

The first few pictures usually is a warm up session for my subject. Allowing the person to get used to my camera or presence. Some people i came across were nervous, scare or stiff. I think is understandable. Posing in front of the camera can be a little nerve wrecking. I always double check to make sure the person is comfortable in whatever pose i request.

If the person is not comfortable during the shoot, i can sense it immediately. That’s what i like about shooting through the viewfinder. It has this “hidden power” to see through a man’s thought. I have to communicate more to make the person is at ease.

Encouragement is very important in the process. People from the corporate are not train models. They won’t understand what is main light, how to pose for picture, whether to smile or not to smile. My instruction is undemanding. Be relax, smile. Easier said than done, trust me.

Capturing a good corporate picture for a person is not only about setting up the best lighting, or arm with the most expensive or the latest camera model. The key is communication with my subject. Telling the person to relax and smile may seems like a very simple thing to do. But i wouldn’t know what is going through the person’s head. The person may have a rough day, stress in work, or may have an important presentation coming up later. Whatever the reason is. The photographer need to be patient and understanding of the situation yet getting that good picture.

A few even asked me to tell them a joke to make them laugh. Sorry to say my occupation is not to be a clown or entertainer to make you happy. I usually brushed them off politely, show them i am professionalism in my work, of course i never tell the person off, is rude.

Is not hard to make small talk to ease off my subject’s anxiety. My profession also require me to be very good in PR. I was never shy of speaking with various people of different nationalities and industries, different positions from executives to the CEO.

The best compliment i can receive after the shoot was the person came up to me saying: “Thank you for the encouragement.” I feels really good to hear that, knowing i have make someone else more confident about themselves.

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If you are new and wish to find out more about my work

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