Living An Adventurous Life

Don’t turn your life into a habit of comfort.

Challenge yourself to scale greater height.

Don’t be content in what you have, as you can always live better than yesterday.

My newly found mantra.

I have to admit here. I dislike conformity, is too stagnant. Because of my personality, i am  an outdoor person, i don’t dislike challenge that is physical. I can’t be working in the typical 8-5 lifestyle. I believe a rush of adrenaline makes me feel my life is worth living for. That is why photographer is the best job for me.

Portrait of a Japanese worker on board the vessel, working inside a boiler room.

Sometimes i deem ‘dangerous’ photo shoot as an adventure. To achieve certain type of picture, hard work and much time are required. I need to strongly emphasis dangerous in a safe way without throwing away your precious life. Don’t live in stupidity.

Am not sure about you, i had a few close shaved encounters that i almost went up to meet my maker.

  • I was caught in a sand storm in a rural part of Great Wall of China. I nearly fell 5 storeys down.
  • During my parachute jump, i landed on airplane field instead of the designated spot, unfortunately my parachute was blown open by the wind, i almost ended up inside the concrete drain which can cause serious damage on my body.
  • I was asked to go up an industrial oil tank staircase, the steps were unstable, missing steps as well. In the end i managed to went up and get the job done. After the incident, pondering about the safety issue all night. I swear never get into such dangerous situation again.

Capturing the interior of an industrial oil tank during the test phase. If i did not took the dangerous staircase up, i may not have capture this magical scene.

Overall i have lots of adventurous experience which i never forget, i may get hurt if i am not careful. Safety is always a priority. If i sense any danger that threaten my life, i say NO. Been adventurous and stupidity is two very different situation.

Lifted up by the crane, station inside a cage out in the sea for industrial documentation photography work. It was fun guiding the operator to change direction wherever i wanted. 

We only got one life – live adventurous, live with happiness, live with meaning.

Am going to live for another day!


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