You Are What You Think

Many years ago. I asked myself what other photography service i can offer to earn more money. Been an adventurous personality. I like something that is challenging, a job that not many photographers would want to explore in. Yet, the money is good. The solution came up no later, it was the industrial photography i wish to take on.


Do you know our thoughts processes are intimately connected to the physical world. The mind can affect physical reality. So here i was, thinking i wanted to jumped into industrial photography. However with no portfolio at all, i knew i have to head out to make some pictures for a start. I need to show the world my vision of the industrial sector.

So i headed out, take note of where are the possible sites for me to do some industrial photography. I continue to take mental note of what is the best timing to take the picture, observe what is happening on the site that may continue on the following day.

You know what is unbelievable, each day i was telling myself in mind:”i want to do industrial photography work.” It become a repetitive process, even on bed before i sleep each night i was still thinking about it. Talk about developing the consciousness. At that point of time i didn’t even have a clue what is all these mind is thing about.

So, i finally had some great pictures i liked it a lot, posted it up on my website, blog about it as well.

The 3 pictures made below are the result that landed me my first contract for an industrial development later.

If you think you are lousy. You will always be feeling lousy.

If you think you can’t. You can’t do anything right.

If you refuse to speak about your work. Nobody will know you.

Having weak thought for yourself; there will be no goal to look forward, to work on, to develop oneself.


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