Making Changes For Yourself

Making changes for yourself is never a bad thing, in fact is a renewal experience of oneself. Too often we are stuck in this non perpetual habit that we may not be aware. Is good to get out of the comfort zone, try something that fear you. By overcoming your fear, you grow into a more confident character.

What if you don’t want to get out of the comfort zone. Why not do something you used to like but you haven’t did it for a very long time. This method works too. This will equally boost your confident and feel good about yourself.

I am honestly proud of myself to further develop my photography skill. Years ago i was commissioned by a German base company to shoot a series of clinic interior and some architecture photography around Singapore. Before that, i wasn’t using a tilt shift lens for perspective control, i was stitching all my buildings picture up manually, talk about the hard work and time.

I quickly committed my time to read books about interior and architecture photography, experimenting during my non working days to improve myself. While i continue to shoot for client. My subconscious mind was telling me is time to get this lens, and i did. I knew a good tool helps me to cut down my time sitting in front of the computer doing unnecessary editing. I took a leap of faith, invested in a tilt shift 17mm lens that cost me over $3000. I would say totally worth it. Not only that i make better pictures with my new tool, i saved time as well, most importantly my clients are happy with the work.

So, are you ready to change yourself?


P.S. I also make a new change to my blog theme, i just realised the previous one wasn’t mobile friendly to read. This makes me realise i was in my comfort zone for too long, not keeping track with the new change. At least i take action.


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