Using 17mm Tilt-Shift lens in construction photography

Bringing a 17mm tilt shift lens into a construction site for work does carry certain risk. As you can see in the picture below, the lens element is protruding out unlike most of the lenses. The curve surface easily attracts more dust particles onto it. It does not comes with lens hood when purchase. I think there is a third part lens hood for it.

Yes i bring this expensive lens to construction location for industrial photography work since 2015. Although this awesome lens is mainly used for architecture and interior photography. I bring it a step further by utilising this lens in the industrial sector.  The days of converging picture are gone forever. Using this lens to shoot tower crane for example.

Less foreground and having a better perspective. 

As you can see on the above pictures, all the key subject is straight. These images will make your picture presentation stand out among the rest! Is really worth the investment to purchase this lens.

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DUO Singapore, the past and the future

DUO Singapore is an integrated development that consists of living space, working environment, shopping and your friendly vacation stay. This architecture is design by Ole Soheeren. The firm also designed The Interlace in Singapore, a residential type building for CapitaLand Singapore.

As a photographer who have much passion of documenting commercial buildings around Singapore. It is always a pleasure to witness a new born, i personally have seen this building grown from a huge vast of green into a vertical concrete. Honestly i do missed that empty field.

The past in my title describe the construction of DUO Singapore. Years back I’ve recalled how workers were hanging their life on the tower crane making adjustment. Before i knew it, the tower, or towers. Started to develop; structure began to take shape of what the architect had in mind. To the outsider, various opinion took place, whether is positive or negative comments. There is no turning back. To me, is more of a pleasure to marvel. A new challenge to develop photographic angles of the twin tower in the right perspective. Am a photographer that is paid to shoot, not shoot for free. I am not able to travel back weekly or monthly to capture the construction phrases.

What fascinate me was how fast the construction of the tower had developed. Started in 2013 and complete in 2017, which is the current year! A much needed 5 years to complete 186m tall is very fair. Time whizzed by quickly. With the aid of technology in the construction sector, nothing is seemly impossible.

Jan 2016 – DUO residence flank by Park View Square on the left and The Gateway on the right

Nov 2016 –  A missing honeycomb window, i think construction phase about 90% completed

May 2017 – The future, construction work are still on going on the ground floor

I will continue to work on more images of DUO as the pictures shown here portray only one side of the tower. Honestly, not justifiable to the architect, but hey, am not contracted for this project. Bear in mind we should have the free will to create.