Creating Unexpected Moment

Was on the Boom Lift documenting a site project, been lifted up over 50m in height. It was a great view at the end of south-west part of Singapore. But it can be a bit scary if the wind starts to blow and cause the platform to vibrate.

Anyway, i was busy capturing various scene from such an aerial perspective. I can’t help not to notice there were fighter jets flying around the sky. The jets were not flying at a very high altitude or even super sonic speed. This allows me to see where the jets were heading.

I standby my camera position using a telephoto lenses. Right above the oil tank where the fighter jets are heading, a crane was doing lifting on the roof of an oil tanker. In a few seconds, the jets flew into my frame and i quickly fire off a few shots to get the best position of the jets on the sky. Resulting in the final picture below.

Unexpected moment can be a long wait, or it just happens instantly. Either ways, both are required to observe the situation, wait for the right time to capture that split second moment. The question is are you able to see it.


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