What to do with a new camera

What do you do with your newly purchased camera before your next big travel trip?


I recently accompanied my friend to purchase a new mirrorless camera for her upcoming travel trip. She went online to do research. Ask friends for recommendation, and finally decided what to get. On the day when there is a electronic exhibition. We went to the booth that was selling her ideal camera. On the ground, she tested it out to make sure she is comfortable with the grip and weight. The sales person is doing all the sales talk and what freebies are offering, finally convinced. She purchased her dream camera and was very happy about it. In fact I was excited for her as well!


Now you got a new camera, this little digital box is going to accompany your travel  journey to document your beautiful events in life. Tasty food you tasted, stunning scenery you saw, friendly people you met. Splendid.


What’s next? Bring your camera out for the travel trip and maybe struggle to use it, because you did not know how to use the camera functions and settings. Perhaps, end of the day saying this is a really lousy, indecent camera because you don’t know how to use it. In fact you did not even learn about your wonderful camera technology and the functionality in the first place.


Here are tips and preparation I am going to share before bringing your new camera out for travel trip.


  1. Bring the camera out to take plenty of pictures, like a 1000 pictures or as many as possible. Make the effort to look through the menu,  understand how the camera functions and setting work. Make adjustment what is best for you. Bring along the menu book for instance reference.
  2. You can learn all the terminology of your new camera but without putting it into practice, the process is going to be a bit more frustrating. So go out and practice, have fun with it.
  3. Understand the limitation of your camera. How far can your lenses zoom, how fast can your camera focus in different lighting conditions. All these will prepare you well for unexpected photography moments.
  4. Get a spare battery if you are going to have a long day of outing, battery consumption can be much faster than you thought.
  5. Extra memory cards, preferably another 16GB size. Don’t ever put all your eggs in one basket. Unless you are going to bring portable hard drive to back up.
  6. Get a sturdy tripod for night scene, do not get a tripod that have thin legs because it is cheap or pretty! It won’t be stable if the wind blow.

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