Skyville @ Dawson

The very first time i saw Skyville @ Dawson was back in early 2013. I was taking a stroll along Alexandra Canal Linear Park, one of my favorite walking park in Singapore, the stretch will lead to Alexandra Park Connector and to Robertson Quay later. At that period architecture wasn’t a much of an interest to me. But i was excited by the 3D design mock-up that was displayed.

In early 2014 i went back, headed up a few blocks nearby to capture some pictures. That was the first time i saw Skyville @ Dawson. It was practically so high that i was awe by it magnificent, especially serving it as a public housing!

In 2015, i heard a news on tv that residents are allowed to collect the house key. I knew it was time to visit the brand new estate when it is still fresh. Making my way there was an eye-opening, with 3 sky gardens and a roof garden on 47th level. With a fantastic view of the city. Later i learned it was designed by WOHA, a renowned architect firm in Singapore!

Below am going to share some of my favorites photographs of Skyville @ Dawson architecture. Hope you will like it.

Skyville @ Dawson in monochrome

A lovely sight to see father and son bonding at the fitness area

Love the tree co-exisit with Skyville @ Dawson on the ground level

Entice by this design on the roof garden, is like gate to heaven

A man enjoying the scenery

The rest of the images can be view in my website. Will update more when i have the time to explore again.


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