I discovered this site while doing a ground recce in Jan 2015. As you can see this area was flooded with still water reflecting the central business district buildings. Usually, January is a rainy season, hence, result in this scene. Next day I returned with my tripod and camera to capture this amazing scene. Which I included the lone tree on the right to be part of the composition. Is a personal preference as I love nature and architecture to have a sense of cohesion.

Environment changes very quickly in Singapore. One year, later on, Feb 2016, the foreground in this picture that was once filled with rainwater, is covered with grasses to prevent water from accumulating. At least it won’t become a mosquito breeding ground. The pavement i used to stand on to take the picture in 2015 was demolished by a construction company, leaving piles of rocks waiting to be cleared. Perhaps this plot of land is making way for new development? The lone tree is still out there looking healthy, hopefully as well in future. The tower crane you saw is constructing Marina One, still in progress. The night was cooling, strong wind kept blowing patches of cloud across the sky to dramatize a little more.


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