My thoughts on the start of industrial photography and the challenges. 2/2

In my previous blog i had shared how i started off to do industrial photography. This blog am going to share what were the challenges i had faced during the assignment.

  • It is a norm in the construction site to witness the crazy dust storm sweeping up and knowing what am going to breathe into my lungs.
  • Wanna get tan in the beach. Scorching sun out in the construction open area sure makes your skin tanned, apply thick sunblock. XD
  • Dress in ‘full-safety-order’ attire to be safe. To be exact is injury free, not even the smallest cut on skin is considered safe.
  • Certain images require to capture from high ground secure with the help of safety harness and the skill of the operator operating a Galmon boom lift. My only crazy imagination is the wind to sweep me away since am ‘floating’ 50m high.
  • Lots of staircase climbing as elevator is not ready, it’s not a big deal actually.
  • Professional interaction with the management team to understand their requirement. They are my pay master too!
  • Make friends with as many people as possible on the ground, there are many nice unsung heroes that is going to take care of me really well. But i can ensure you not everyone is gonna be nice. #harshreality

Is a huge achievement for me to witness the project is completed after so many months of documentation, no injury in the entire construction process, my client achieve their client’s completion timeline.

Here is a self portrait of myself working in various industrial assignments!

Anyway am looking out for another exciting industrial photography assignment to commit for another 2-3 full years if any companies wants to hire a professional photographer. Always ready to commit in what i am passionate about.


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