My thoughts on the start of industrial photography and the challenges. 1/2

While looking through my industrial photography portfolio for other presentation, i suddenly thought about the major 2 years documentation of a construction project i did for an overseas company based in Singapore, and other series of industrial work in other industrial sectors. Before this enquiry actually happen. I did not have a proper portfolio for industrial work, i was deeply drawn by the powerful industrial aspect to photograph the working life in the industrial/construction sector, because this is the kind of job that suits my personality, always being outgoing, enjoy meeting and interact with different people, working in a little harsh environment and yet able to capture pictures of what client wanted is the challenge i loved to be in.

I thought about it day and night how do i get an industrial assignment? The next progression was to set a goal, this is a really powerful way to start off. I started capturing industrial images in the public construction around Singapore. Wherever i see a construction, i mark the location on paper. This purpose is not to forget where are the locations and give me a visual to take action. Next step, i went back to the construction area with the best lighting direction and the right gear. Cross my fingers for the best situation to happen. hoping the moment was right to make an appealing picture.

Sometimes i got great pictures, but most of the time nothing exciting happen. Is all part of the process in photography. this will continuously creates a challenge for myself to get the next best picture. Following step is to select only the best series of images, edit the images, post it online, this is to create an online opportunity for myself to reach out potential client. And guess what, a potential client likes it! I received an email and next thing i was already negotiating with the client for a job they wanted me to help for 24 months. The rest was history…

Below are some of the pictures i have capture to build my port from Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam. FYI it didn’t need to be expensive to travel out to get pictures. :X

The next part i will write about the experience i face during the process in the industrial sector.


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