Anti drone technology

Am sure everyone in photography at least knew what is aerial photography using drone technology. I came across this video on youtube which i personally find it a bit disturbing, a drone-neutralizer gun was invented to bring down the drone. Check out the video!

Personally seeing drone use in photography offer a fresh perspective of our world. But it depends who is the user controlling it. Where will the drone be flying over? What is the purpose for it? Flying in a legal fly zone or restricted area? Many questions were asked but i don’t think there is a clear law in the moment the purpose of flying a drone anyway we like.

Man came up a fantastic product and only later bring it down by another technology because it disturb the life of others, or flying into a no fly zone area for drone. Also had viewed a couple videos of how annoying drones been taken out from the sky in public. Weeeeeeeeee…….

A man used a fishing rod line to hook the drone off the sky, am sure he rather hook up a big fish than a flying toy. Another drone flew over a basketball court and got hit by the basketball causing damage to it, nice shot to cause over 50% damage.

Whoever this genius invented a drone-neutralizer gun sure brings down the drone in the most polite way. How sweet!


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