Recovery in Nepal

My thoughts suddenly flow in about the devastating earthquake that took place on 25th April 2015. Mother nature needs to be respected and nothing less. Buildings and roads that were build can be easily wipe out in a few minutes. Lives are lost, the passing of love one will never be return. Life move on to rebuild the future.

I visited Nepal in Nov 2012. I would say it was a memorable trip for my life. To witness how life is there makes me appreciate my life here in Singapore. Of course i never took for granted. But is good to self-reflect of what we have here.

I hope people i had met in my Nepal’s journey are holding well and fine, bless the country to be able to quickly stand feet and attract the tourist back soonest. Personally i would love to visit the country again if opportunity arise.

Below are some of the beautiful pictures i capture on my trip.

I self assume this is the Himalayas from far, such a majestic sight spotted. Advantage of sitting beside the window plane rockz!

Aerial shot of a province. I don’t even know where is it. I like how the road leads to the mountain in the background.

One of my first few picture on land. A chopped up wild boar i presume.

Sunrise from the guesthouse rooftop, it still felt like yesterday.

Life without smart phone or tablet. I felt am back to my days of childhood.

My favourite picture! Seeing these kids hanging out on a weekday makes me wonder do they have the opportunity to have an education. One of my To-Do-List is to assist kids in Nepal who wants to have an education.

If you like to see more do check out my Kathmandu and Kirtipur galleries.


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