NTU Learning Hub

I was in NTU last week to do a bit of photo exploration and it happen to be the university open house. I came to NTU Learning Hub near Nanyang Business School who i had client working with in the university. Back in 2013 i saw the construction of this very unique architecture in progress. I thought it would be interesting to see the final work when it is completed. Now, the structure stood before my eyes.

I spoke to the worker who is working on the final touch up. i was thrilled to hear the building going to be officially open soon. I think the students would be very excited to make full use of this facility.

Interesting name i heard from the students was that they call it the “dim sum building”. It reminds them of stacked dim sum steamers. A cute nickname i would say, for sure there will be no steaming bao (bun) inside to fill your empty stomach.

The architects who design this is by the name of Thomas Heatherwick. One of the feature of the building is the 3D drawings on the walls, working with an Italian illustrator Sara Fanelli who did 700 drawings, the amount of time spent is really tremendous.

There are 12 different entrances to access the building rather than the conventional single entry, this let the air to flows freely throughout. Is a fantastic idea for environmental sustainability.

Do head down to NTU to check it out!


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