Architecture of hospital in Singapore

Wanted to have a broader range of portfolio and keep improving. I have been seeking various interesting architecture to capture, such as commercial building, institutional, hotel and residential. 2 weekends ago i came across National Heart Centre Singapore at Outram park area. I was immediately drawn by the design of the facade, especially of the various facades presented from different sides. The admiration spurs me to document the architecture structure. I did some research and found out it was build by ONG&ONG which has a wealth of 40 over years of experience in the industry.

A day shot of the entire structure where the sun is raising from the east.

“The design concept was inspired by the medicinal courtyard gardens of the Middle Ages and revolved around the philosophy of “placing people first”. A network of open spaces forms the heart of the design and promotes social interaction, retail opportunities, and healing. Natural light, ventilation and view aids the healing process while the planting – which acts as carbon sponge, noxious pollutant filter and heat island reducer – helps to mend the built environment.
In order to keep in pace with rapid medical advancements, modern modular building methods are employed to ensure the building structure remains flexible and adaptable, both internally and externally, to future growth.
Through a rigorous environmental, social and economic design, the National Heart Centre is successfully transformed into a world-class facility that sets a global precedent for sustainable heart-related healthcare development.”

Curtain walls

Currently is the Northeast Moonsoon season “dry phase”, the consistent blow of wind changed the lighting very often and it is not easy to get a clear blue sky. Sometimes huge patch of clouds move in for a while, chill and wait it out. If not move around the building to search for other possibility.

I was high up on a slope to capture this shot during the magic hour, just as i activated the exposure, a man out of nowhere suddenly appeared and nearly walked straight into my frame. I was surprised someone took this path as the grass patch did not have any foot trail.

Check out the full architecture series on my website.


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