Rental block architecture in Singapore

This is a architecture series of rental block images in Bukit Batok, Singapore. I was captivated by it design structure in a sharp U-shape when i first set sight on it. I decided to work on this series of images without a due date, the shoot took place for a few months before calling it a day by the end of 2014.

Before this rental block was build, it was only a plot of field where i used to play football back in the 90s. If not during the ghost festival, the field would transform into a getai event. Hence there was a lot of fond childhood memories there. When i saw it was transformed into a building, it sort of saddens me but i understand society must progress in order to move forward.

The process of making this series was never straightforward. I was demanding a lot on myself for this series, visited the block on several attempts to “catch” the best light. Most of the time the outcome was not fantastic. In the end i decided to execute the photo shoot during the magic hour. That’s when the sky is blue by nature and all the corridor lights are switched on. Still it was never smooth sailing, from my previous experience i knew it was never 100% to catch the blue sky during magic hour. Sometimes the shoot was dampen by dark cloud, or drizzle when i was about to press the shuttle button, talk about luck!

Each time when i uploaded the images into my iMac to check the result. I deleted 98% of the images because the building was slightly slanted, bad weather, and unforeseen circumstance. Although i can easily adjust the straightness in software. Am determined to get it right straight from the camera. Architecture photography is a very technically skill set, hence i feel it is important to hone this skill rather than doing the correction in photoshop.

Hope you like the series.

Thank you for viewing.


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