Singapore Industrial Photography Service

Last year C.A.P. was approached by Jason Marine Group to do a video documentation of product training for their specific staffs. After accessing the details and submitting quotation. We were given the green light to proceed for this assignment. It was a great opportunity to document behind the scene training in an actual industrial environment.

Industrial photography is one of the toughest job in commercial photography. There are many situations surrounding the work environment, if one is not alert or focus, the chance of getting injure is at risk. Hence the emphasis of safety is utterly most important in any industrial environment.

The trainer flew in from overseas to do a demon to the local engineers.

Everyone was in attention because of the noisy environment as work on other parts of ship was in progress.

C.A.P. professional videographer filming during the training brief.

In conference room for theory discussion.

Day 2, the local engineers getting hands on with the guidance of the product’s trainer.

Space is always constrain in a ship, videographer filming a wide shot of the trainer.

Trainer together with the engineer working on the installation.

Limited head room for comfort.

End of the day, a portrait of the trainer for all his handwork put in.

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Capture Asia industrial photography service consists documentation of;
Workers working at Construction Site
Chemical Plant
Oil Vessel/Oil Rig
Engineering work
Heavy industries
Documentation of development of site monthly from 2-5years

That’s the end, do let me know what you wish to see in the near future, do leave a comment on how to improve this blog or if you like it.


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