Illumi Run 2014

I wanted to do street photography last night in town, headed to Marina Square to grab a bite first before kicks start my night street photography. Many groups of people actually caught my attention, they were wearing the same t-shirt, in cool colourful socks and illuminating specs walking around. Wiped out my phone and Google it to find out it was a Illimi run event tonight.

Illumi Run (Facebook) is an ultimate night run party in Asia, getting splashed by ILLUMI glow water and experience electrifying energy of music in various zones.

I thought it was pretty cool to check it out since it is near my dinner restaurant. Checked the race time and head over to scout part of the route. It was quite a dark route with only lamp lights along the way as my illuminating light source. I wasn’t prepare for such scale of night event with only a 50mm fixed focal lens, i don’t even have a flash to freeze the running moments! I have to think out of the box to actually capture the raw energy of the event.

I moved around one of the running route that have a clear background of Gardens by the Bay, brightly lighted up by their Christmas deco inside the dome. Time is around 8.00pm. I heard the countdown from the start point, by 8.09pm i saw the first enthusiastic runner going really fast followed by the rest behind, but more leisurely. In time more people were formed in groups started to appear rowdy but good-natured. I was thrilled to see a Djs station in the midway where runner can actually halt to dance before continue their route.

I searched around for some really solid stationary point where i can safely put my camera to do a few long exposure test shots. The runners started to build up. I can see the beautiful lights dancing in the darkness, accompanied by the music nearby. Makes the photo shoot even more pleasurable. Below is a shot of my first point.

It was pretty cool, but i know the result can be better as the crowd will start to bulk up in the next 30mins. I started to explore more angles and compositions.

Turning back towards the start point, i spotted window of opportunity.

Am pretty done up with this area and decided to get to one final point nearby where there is a platform that allow performers to showcase their dancing skill. So youth! A final shot before i make my way home.

If you happen to read my blog today, there is a 2nd night run today. You can check it out and take some really nice long exposure images of the dancing lights.


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