Hope and Happiness

My trip to Kathmandu, Nepal was an eye opener. Use to travel around city in various countries. Nepal greatly lacks proper infrastructures and proper amenities. This would be the least pleasant place to visit if one hope for shopping spree or entertainment during the night. There is still a pure rawness in this country. Something primitive yet very slowly advancing. If you are interested in the mountain and landscape scenery, this is the perfect place to do days of trekking.

My trip to Nepal was rather impromptu as usual. Book an air ticket which is running on promotion, did some research (which is a must) for travel photography purposes. One of the day i was in an open flea market where traders were busy finalising business deal with interested parties. I came across this small pavilion where i saw a group of Nepalese children were having fun by themselves. I approached them to capture some images, i showed them the preview on my camera LCD screen. They seems delighted, suddenly the girls started to form up a line and started to sing. Somehow it becomes a private entertainment for me. I click for more pictures.

I was looking at my archive today, pondering which pictures to print. This image appear and a string of questions runs through my mind. Do they sing to break through poverty? Do they sing to have a happy face? Through their eye i recalled, i don’t see hardship in their character, perhaps they are hoping for a miracle of true happiness in life.


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