Singapore architecture update

For the past few months i have been reading up plenty of books on architecture photography. Call it an obsession, but i love this passion! I always did my own little exploration in Singapore if weather is decently fine. Photographing and practice as much as i could to improve my skill set. I recalled shooting building blocks when i picked up my first digital camera. I guess this applies for many people too. And this went on for years till recently there is a changed. I prefer to have my building in a proper straight vertical line than been converge.

I was blown away by a particular photographer by the name of Tim Griffith. The way he frame an architecture is so commercially breathtaking. I look up to him as a “teacher” even though i never met him in person. I’ll started practicing but is not easy as i thought when i was on the ground. Basically it was a brand new learning curve for me, i was more than happy to go through the trial and error, i always remind myself it would be good if i can go home with just one good picture. But the fact is i pushed even harder to go back more than one. I find it extremely satisfy for each successful image.

I recently capture Toleram at International Business Park. I was particularly attracted by the protruding staircase from a business building. I walk around the place to have a better view of possible angles. And below are the best 3 shots i came up with.

Below shows how i carefully explored the side of Toleram to capture the optimum shot i wish to show.

If you have any question do let me know, cheers!


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