Architecture Photography personal thought

Was spending my past weekends studying and shooting architecture photography in town of Singapore. As a very passionate photographer who is doing this for a living. There is a need to continuously seek improvement in term of knowledge and technical skill. I always intrigued by the architects who create building that it timeless and conceptual. A way to allow architect to express their creative idea. However at times, developers or client have it’s own idea and demand in what they wanted it to be.

In my many years of photography casually and professionally, i usually capture on subjects such as portraiture, street scene, serial photography, Asia travel photography. I thought architecture is one of the most challenging task to do. But a huge reward and achievement if succeed.

There are some important elements to get a really good technical shot of the facade. What i mean by good technical shot? First, It must have minimum distortion of the building, many architecture building we see nowadays is shot using a fish eye lenses to get the entire building within a frame. It can be captivating to give the “WOW” factor. Sometimes i even marvel at it’s effect. But that’s not the type of picture i wanted. If i were to speak from a client’s point of view, this type of overly distorted shots doesn’t justify the architect’s final output of his design. Hence professional photographer needs to come in to help achieve that kind of perspective correction picture. Below is an example of a hotel in a vertical manner.

Second, weather element plays a huge role in a good picture. Light is the basic element in photography. Without light there will be no pictures. No second way about it. I have studied work of Julius Shulman, an American architecture photographer. He was said to be the man who lay the basic foundation of architecture photography. Maybe i would like to call him ‘Father of Architecture Photography’. The best weather to have is a clear blue sky. It makes the facade looks more dimensional and attracting. Not everyday is a sunny blue day, is important to understand the weather chart on what’s coming up the next day. you wouldn’t want to bring a chunk of equipment and ended up facing a overcast or raining day.

It just a short thought of it, i will share more with you in future. Hope you enjoy reading it.


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