Corporate Photography Promotion for a limited period

For a limited period of time only in Singapore. Starting from June – 31 July 2014. Capture Asia Photography is running a Corporate Photography promotion.

For individual who wish to update their new profile in second half of 2014. This is a great opportunity to follow make use of this advantage in term of pricing. Am also going to share a few ideas how you can fully maximize your picture usage.

1. Professional profile picture on your business card when giving it to your potential client.
2. Usage on business website if you are running your own business, it would be a great to show end users who is the person-in-charge/director/CEO, COO managing the business etc.
3. Professional profile image on your social media platform such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Instagram etc.
4. Clean look when submitting application for a new job, especially for fresh graduates who are joining the work force.
5. Front profile image for passport size photo usage in future.

Usual rate:
-45min session
-All soft images return
-Images download from website with secure password on the next day
-Choose 4 images for final editing

Promotion rate:
-30min session
-All soft images return
-Images download from website with secure password on the next day
-Choose 3 pictures for final editing
$120 (20% discount)
-For 3 people and above price is $100 each.

This exclusive promotion is applicable for all corporate client who is interested. Promotion is only applicable only on weekday from 10am-5pm and 7pm-10pm. Photo shoot will be in our studio. For more varieties, recommend client to bring at least 2 outfits for the shoot. Make-up artist is not included unless needed.

The direction of the shoot will be a very clean, sleek and professional look against a white background. A welcoming smile and confident posture will instantly generate ‘Likes’. First impression is very important. Hence making you look really in front of the camera is the photographer’s job. Photographer Ricky Gui had capture hundreds of corporate portraits in Asia for the past 7 years. Ensuring the best quality to you, nothing less.

For enquiry/booking of date, you can email through Capture Asia’s website.


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