Composition technique

I always wanted to share my thoughts on composition technique. This objective is to share with you what i saw in order to capture that golden frame i had visualised.

I was traveling solo in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2012. It was my virgin trip to this very unique country. Where it is famously known for Mount Everest for the climbers. Many tourists visited the country for trekking/hiking purposes, admiring the stunning landscape our earth offer. My goal was to do travel photography. Exploring the capital, visit several UNSECO sites, soaked into local culture, food and shoot stunning images for my Asia travel stock library for sales.

Here i was wandering around Patan Durbar Square, situated at the site of Lalitpur City.

I came across this street in Patan Durbar Square, Nepal. I had instantly visualized how i want to fill the frame. Because it was fascinating to observe the different type of doors and windows, how it were design and structure. First thought was to compose the scene tightly so the viewers can study the entire space comfortably.

1. Compose in a “leading line” format where the side of the building leads you to the background details.

2. Breaks off from the rule-of-third. Divided into 3 vertical sections to study different elements, hence each element is treated equally.

3. The only element missing is a moment (my personal style). Example, a person walking across the street. I looked around to see was there anyone going to walk across my frame. Fortunately a man riding his bicycle was coming from my back. I quickly start snapping to capture that moment i wanted.

And now my picture is finally completed in this sense. Hope you like my write up.


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