Foggy Hong Kong

The trip to Hong Kong in May 2013 was quite a surreal experience. With the fog clouding in the city, hardly able to admire the cityscape with wonder. It was a different experience from the usual trip. Since most of the places i visited were foggy. Pondering how to turn this disadvantage situation into a winning situation for me. New idea pounce in quickly, i started to capture a series of foggy images which portrays a surreal feeling. A situation where the local people are inhabitable to the surrounding.

Mount Austin Road. I’ll followed the local expats all the way up to Victoria Peak Garden in a foggy walk.

Ngong Ping Village. Two nuns were standing in the fog having a quiet conversation.

Lantau Island. Despite the sheer size of The Big Buddha. I could not see the Buddha at foot of it venue, until i climbed the steps up to have a better sight of it.

Hong Kong Island. The tall vertical commercial buildings engulfed in the fog.

One of the biggest challenge of a travel photographer is working on a bad weather condition. Cruel to be true, but one have to turn crisis into a opportunity in order to keep myself motivated to capture interesting images. You can check out the rest of the Foggy Hong Kong .


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