Just a thought.

Mail Online in UK recently published a Singapore’s photographer personal work. Please-Mind-The-Gap-Singapore

From what i understand the British didn’t like their pictures taken in the street unknowingly. I have read many horrible stories how photographers got abuse, beaten, and sue for snapping pictures of the public in secrecy. If discover there is consequence, sadly. Street photographers practicing the art of street photography undertake courage, stay ignorance from the public eye, and an eye for moment. It should not be a skill to abuse it, snapping sensitive images and later shine it to the public via social media platform to claim it’s throne.

I came across this Singapore photographer captured a series of commuters caught in an unguarded moment images. Crossing from the platform to the train or vice versa. Is a mere second to capture the moment of what commuting process. I thought it was an enthralling in opinion.

Anyway, the comments from the viewers weren’t too optimistic about it. Viewers find it offensive and meaningless of such work. The choice of images weren’t pleasing the crowd as the people of the country fiercely safe guard their own privacy at all costs, nothing wrong at all if they dislike it. Unfortunately the pictures were put up on an unfitting platform.

There are so many ways to look at a picture depending the genre of work the photographer wish to portray, or an idea. A picture can honorably reveal history by studying it. Or, a picture can ideally share creative inspiration to others. Is a very subjective form of art worth debating, but in a friendly and open minded approach would be deem as respectful of the creator.

You can view more pictures of “Please Mind The Gap” here.


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