Earth Hour 2013

Earth Hour is here once again. A meaningful world wide started by World Wide Federation, currently an international event to raise social awareness of climate change since 2006 that kick started from Sydney, Australia. Everyone plays a part in making the world a better place, the ability to change the world we’re currently live in. Is encouraging to see business around the globe turned off their lights for an hour to save an abundance of energy. Long term commitment is the crucial key for a desirable future sustainability.

This year Earth Hour on 23rd March 2013 is located at The Floated @ Marina Bay. Feel free to join in the event to educate yourself of energy saving and what individual can do to make it happen. It will be a good picture opportunity for people who are into photography of such event in the public. Last year i documented the outdoor event for WWF Singapore, images was later put up on the website for archival purposes. Below is a series of pictures i capture, print screen from their website for your viewing.

Feel free to visit Capture Asia Earth Hour gallery for the full series.

Do encourage your friends and relatives to switch off the light for 1 hour, maybe light up a candle to slightly brighten up your surrounding. Have a thought about the importance of energy conservation. Is really not so bad after all. Hope to see many supporters at The Floating platform then.

Have a great weekend!


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