The Last Roll of Kodachrome

Back in 2009 i attended Steve McCurry Master class in Singapore. During that time, the local newspaper announced Kodak was considering to retire Kodachrome, a color slide film that capture amazing colors. Most people would have known Steve use this film to capture many amazing portrait pictures that acclaims him many awards during his career as a photographer.

You can check out some of Steve’s final images on his blog using the last roll of Kodachrome 64.

Here is a clip of him behind the scene which almost shed tears in my eye.

Due to client’s demand and the constant shift of technology. I have to emphasize that film is not totally dead. There are many thousands of people out there shooting film today. Is the process that counts, no matter what digital/film camera you use, what type of software on computer to do editing. End of the day is the joy and passion of the craft we are constantly learning.

P.S. Just realized this was created in Jan 2013 yet i forgot to publish.


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